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How StocksToTrade is Bringing Predictive Trading Software to the Masses

In 2022, it is easier than ever to get involved in stock trading, even as a newbie. There are countless tutorials, videos, and articles about investing in stocks, as well as an ever-growing online community of traders sharing information. However, one crucial piece of the trading puzzle remains unshared, which is the promising stocks that will likely see gains in the near future. 

While your average trading article might speak about the potential of Amazon or Netflix stock, it cannot speak on the thousands of stocks on the market, especially not the ‘hidden gem’ stocks that don’t make headlines. Oftentimes, the average trader only heard of these gems after they have made waves in the market and towards the end of their bull runs, with only a small amount of profit left.

The ability to predict top-grossing stocks is one of the biggest competitive edges in stock trading which is why big trading companies spend millions a year on the best predictive software. This difference in resources is one of the reasons why the top firms can gross much more than individual smaller traders playing in the same market. 

Now, StocksToTrade is working to sloe this knowledge gap by empowering traders with the industrial-grade tools they need to succeed.

Tools of the Trade 

Knowing which stocks are going to be profitable means going beyond reading articles and listening to experts on TV. it means knowing in real-time which stocks are gaining value in the last 24 hours or less. Now, a trader can choose to manually search for this, but this would mean combing through a large amount of stock (StocksToTrade, for example, has over 19,000 stocks listed). 

But with STT, they don’t have to. Its trading tools scan the markets and shows which stocks have seen the biggest losses or gains in the last month, week, day, or even hour. That means when the juicy new stock is just starting its bull run, an investor can buy into it and make the maximum profit. 

Besides showing stocks that are currently gaining, STT’s ORACLE can show the stocks that are likely to gain. The ORACLE analyses past metrics and performances to predict which stocks are going to make gains and by how much. Based on this, users can buy into potentially valuable stocks before they even begin their bull run. 

For those who trade in penny stocks, STT’s filter can be optimised to find the most valuable stocks within their budget, as the site is made for both experienced traders and newer ones. 

Users can also search for stocks using their preferred metrics, whether this is industry, IPO date, and so on. 

All these work together to make sure that the user does not miss out on profitable stocks, whether due to a lack of resources and knowledge or all the time and effort it would take to manually find these stocks. 

A More Accessible Way to Trade 

What STT is doing goes beyond just helping traders make a profit; giving this level of access to resources and tools closes the monopoly that large trading firms have on the industry and on making money from stocks. 

For the average trader, it means that they do not have to wear themselves out chasing the best stock but can instead sit back and trade with much more ease and with increased accessibility.

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