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Last of Us Knock-Off Removed from Nintendo eShop Over Copyright Claim

In recent news, The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival, a game that was available on the Nintendo eShop, has been removed from sale due to a copyright claim made by Sony. As a result, the trailers for the game have also been taken down. If you visit The Last Hope’s Nintendo eShop store page now, you will encounter a 404 message and an image of Star Fox’s Peppy Hare instead of the game.

Interestingly, when searching for The Last Hope on the Switch, users are directed to Mario and Rabbids’ Sparks of Hope instead. However, those who had previously purchased and downloaded The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival can still play the game, even though it received highly negative reviews.

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Digital Foundry, a reputable source for game reviews, looked into The Last Hope in July and had scathing remarks about it. They labeled it “an absolute disaster” and claimed it to be the worst game they had ever tested. The review team expressed their disappointment with the state of certain games on digital storefronts, referring to The Last Hope as “shovelware-infested” and a potential scam designed solely to take advantage of consumers.

The unfortunate experience with The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival is a cautionary tale and a stark reminder to be vigilant while purchasing digital storefronts. Researching games thoroughly before buying to avoid disappointment and support legitimate and quality offerings is crucial.

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