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RuneScape 3 Mining Guide: Level 1-120 and Beyond

Mining is one of the most popular gathering skills in RuneScape 3, allowing players to extract metals, gems, and other resources from rocks throughout Gielinor. This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about training Mining, from getting started to high-level training methods and money-making strategies. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, learn tips, tricks, and the best approaches to master Mining.

Mining is the backbone of RuneScape’s in-game economy, providing raw materials like ores, bars, gems, and geodes for essential skills like Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, and more. Higher Mining levels also unlock access to valuable member-only mining sites and guilds.

To start training Mining, you must equip a pickaxe and select mining-able rocks containing ores or gems. As you repeatedly click on a rock, your Mining level will increase, allowing access to higher-tier rocks. You aim to mine ores and gems as efficiently as possible to maximize experience rates and profits.

The path to 99 Mining may initially seem daunting, but this guide aims to make it more approachable. Let’s start from the beginning and work our way up!

It can be daunting at first, but using this guide will help players to understand the basics and increase their RuneScape gold along the way. 

What Is Mining?

Mining is a gathering skill in RuneScape 3. This skill allows the player to get materials needed for crafting from mining veins. Your mining skill starts at level 1 with a maximum level of 99. It will take a long time to reach level 99, so don’t try to rush it. Mining is a great way to collect ores to sell and earn RS3 gold or craft necessary RuneScape items. You can find a lot of rocks to mine at mining sites.

How Exactly Does Mining Work In RuneScape 3?

Mining in RuneScape 3 works a little differently compared to other games. In other MMOs, mining veins/ores can be depleted. You will then have to wait for that vein to respawn after a certain time. This can make materials hard to find since other players can also mine them. 

This isn’t the case with RuneScape 3. Mining veins never deplete and can be mined indefinitely. You can also continue to mine at the same location for as long as you want. Things can get even more complex when you factor in stamina, pickaxe types, and critical hits. Don’t worry; I will cover these below in a little bit. 

Now, if you want to mine a certain vein or rock, you will need a pickaxe (more on that later) and go to a mining location. When you start mining the rock you want, you’ll see that each swing gives you some experience and increases a light blue progress bar. Once that progress bar is filled, you will gain the ore from that vein, and the bar is reset to do so again.

The great thing about mining in RuneScape 3 is that you can do it without playing it. So, if you want to start mining an ore vein and then make a sandwich, you can do that. However, you will lose precious experience per hour if you don’t watch your stamina.

You will gain a stamina bar once you reach level 15 in the mining skill. This stamina bar provides some extra benefits if kept in check.

Getting Started with Mining

Here’s what you need to know to begin Mining as a fresh new player:

  • Acquire a bronze or iron pickaxe – Buy from NPC stores or craft yourself via Smithing. Right-click “wield” to equip the pickaxe.
  • Collect tools – Useful items include Varrock armor, dwarven stout ale, Falador shield, desert amulet, and charged glory amulet.
  • Find rocks to mine – Low-level rocks are scattered around Lumbridge, Draynor, Al Kharid, Rimmington, Crafting Guild, and Piscatoris.
  • Mine away! – Left-click rocks with your equipped pickaxe to start extracting ores and gems.
  • Deposit inventory – Deposit mined items into your bank for storage. Sell or use ores/gems as needed.

Take time to familiarize yourself with equipping your pickaxe, identifying mineable rocks, extracting ores, and banking. Soon, Mining will feel like second nature!

How to Mine Rocks Effectively

Here are some key tips for mining rocks efficiently as you train:

  • Always use the best pickaxe you can wield – higher tier pickaxes mine faster.
  • Wear Varrock armour to earn a Mining experience boost as you mine.
  • Activate rockertunities when they appear – they increase ore yields temporarily.
  • Mine in the Mining Guild at level 60+ for plentiful coal and mithril rocks.
  • Consume dwarven stout for temporary +2 Mining boosts.
  • Utilize mining urn enhancer to earn bonus experience while mining certain ores.
  • Equip charged amulets like glory, demon horn necklace, or desert amulet for various perks.

Leveraging boosts and equipment like these will drastically increase your Mining rates and profits.

Profitable Methods for Mining Money Making

While Mining provides essential resources, it can also be quite profitable if done correctly. Here are some of the top money makers:

  • Mine iron ore – In demand for training, Smithing, and selling. Sell on G.E.
  • Mine coal – Needed for Smithing and selling. Coal bags increase inventory.
  • Mine gold ore – Highly valued ore. Save and smelt or sell bars on G.E.
  • Mine gem rocks – Gems like sapphires and emeralds sell for decent cash.
  • Mine runite ore – Requires 85 Mining but nets significant profits.

Many players mine ore like gold and runite specifically to sell for OSRS or RS3 gold. Check current prices on Grand Exchange to determine your best ore to mine for money.

Fast Mining XP Methods

For players focused on rushing to 99 Mining as quickly as possible, here are some top experience training methods:

  • Power mine iron ore – Fastest XP rates but very click-intensive. Bank ores.
  • Granite mining – Up to 100k+ XP/hr at level 45+. Mine granite blocks.
  • Volcanic mine – Team-based minigame starting at level 50. High XP rewards.
  • Prifddinas gem rocks – Level 75 Mining needed. Fast XP mining bane gems.
  • Light animica rocks – Level 90 Mining needed. Up to 230k XP/hr with stone spirits.
  • Crystalize granite – Cast spell on granite rocks for very fast XP. Costs money.

Combining these methods with XP boosting gear and bonuses will provide the fastest path to 99 Mining possible.

Notable Mining Milestones

Here are some major milestones and achievements you’ll hit on the road to mastering Mining:

  • Reach level 15 for Doric’s Quest, rewarding 1.3k XP.
  • At 20 Mining, wear mining gloves for a 2.5% XP boost.
  • Complete Digsite Quest at 10 Agility, Herblore, and Thieving for 15k Mining XP.
  • Wield a rune pickaxe at level 41 for a +12 Mining bonus. Huge upgrade.
  • Enter the Mining Guild at 60 for coal rocks. Equip coal bag at 61 for massive inventory gains.
  • Wear mining cape at 99 for a +2 ore boost and teleport to mining sites.

Setting goals like these gives you something to strive for on your Mining journey.

Useful Mining Items & Equipment

Having the right tools and gear makes all the difference when Mining. Here are some must-have items:

  • Crystal pickaxe – Best high level pickaxe. +6 Mining boost at 70 Attack.
  • Dragon/infernal pickaxe – Second best mainhand pickaxe with +3 Mining boost.
  • Lava titan – Beast of Burden summon for extra ore carrying capacity.
  • Golem outfit – +2% XP boost with full set equipped. Earn at Mining sites.
  • Varrock armour – Up to 7% more XP when Mining in Varrock mine.
  • Mining cape – +2 invisible Mining boost. Teleport to Mining Guild.

Having top-tier pickaxes and gear will increase your Mining training productivity.

3 Ideal Mining Training Locations

Not all Mining spots are created equal. Here are 3 ideal training sites:

1. Mining Guild

Located in Falador, the Mining Guild offers a huge variety of ore rocks once you reach level 60 Mining. Some highlights are:

  • Abundant coal rocks – Needed for Smithing or selling
  • Mithril and adamantite rocks
  • Bank deposit box nearby
  • Wheels for storing ore
  • Convenient furnace for smelting

Once inside, you’ll likely spend many hours mining here on the journey to 99.

2. Trahaearn district in Prifddinas

At 75 Mining, the crystalline rocks in Prifddinas are excellent for training up to 99. Features:

  • Bane ore rocks provide quick XP and respect for local clan.
  • Close proximity of many rock types
  • Seren stone for crystal tool siphoning and instant ore conversion
  • Invisible +7 boost when in Prifddinas

This area rivals even the Mining Guild in usefulness.

3. Living Rock Caverns

At level 89 Mining, the Living Rock Caverns offer the fastest XP in the game. Benefits include:

  • Ability to place porters to automatically bank ore
  • Consistently fast XP training to 99
  • High concentration of animica rocks
  • Require completion of Fate of the Gods quest

This challenging late-game area pushes XP rates to the max.

Top Mining Quests for XP and Rewards

Completing certain quests can boost your Mining training while offering useful rewards. Here are some worth doing:

  • The Dig Site (level 10) – 15,300 XP lamp reward. Begins Fossil Island story.
  • Doric’s Quest (level 15) – 1,300 XP direct. Unlocks Doric to buy pickaxes.
  • Between a Rock (level 40) – 7,000 XP lamp reward. Unlocks more Doric supplies.
  • King of the Dwarves (level 80) – 20,000 XP lamp reward. Improved dwarven town.
  • Plague’s End (many skill reqs) – Prifddinas access, new ores and rocks.

Many players skip quests, but the significant Mining XP rewards make them well worth completing.

Effective Power Mining for Fast XP

Power mining is an intense method focusing solely on gaining XP quickly rather than making money. To power mine:

  • Equip best pickaxe and weight reducing gear.
  • Bring stamina/energy potions to keep running.
  • Mine only most efficient ores like iron or granite.
  • Drop all mined ores – don’t bank them. Saves time.
  • Move between rocks with AoE loot for speed.
  • Use porters and magic notepaper to note ores if preferred.

This tedious yet fast training method mines ore solely for fast XP gains. It’s popular for rushing to level 99.

5 Useful Mining Tips & Tricks

Follow these tips and tricks to train Mining more efficiently:

  • Activate rockertunities when mining to boost ore yields for a short time.
  • Complete the Lumbridge and Varrock Achievement Diaries for added Mining perks.
  • Use perfect juju or regular juju potions for temporary boosts while mining.
  • Utilize minigames like Volcanic Mine and Blast Furnace for profitable XP.
  • Get a coal bag at level 61 to significantly increaseinventory space for coal.

Learning key strategies like these will save you hours on the road to 99 Mining.

Summary of Key Mining Milestones

To recap, here are some major goals to strive for in Mining:

  • Level 15 – Doric’s Quest completion
  • Level 20 – Wear mining gloves for XP boost
  • Level 40 – Between a Rock quest completion
  • Level 60 – Enter Mining Guild
  • Level 75 – New Prifddinas ores
  • Level 99 – Equip mining skillcape

Having clear targets will help you track your progress and keep advancing your Mining level.


So, there you have it! This RuneScape 3 mining guide should give you a good foundation to start. Mining can be a great way to make some extra RS3 gold if you are starting in the game or are playing for free. Remember that this is one of many ways to make money in RuneScape 3. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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