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Want to Increase your IQ by Some Fun Activities? Play these Games in 2023

Many people believe that playing games is a waste of time and does not offer any educational value. However, recent studies have shown that playing games can actually improve cognitive abilities and increase intelligence quotient (IQ) in both children and adults.

There are many different types of games that can have this effect, from strategy and puzzle games to educational games and even certain video games. These games require critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, which all contribute to the development of the brain.

For children, games that focus on language and vocabulary, memory and attention, and spatial reasoning have been shown to be particularly effective in improving IQ. Examples of these types of games include Scrabble, memory games, and jigsaw puzzles. Educational games that teach math, science, and other subjects can also be beneficial.

For adults, games that focus on strategy, logic, and decision-making skills can help to maintain cognitive function and even slow down age-related decline. Chess, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles are all popular games that can help to improve IQ in adults.

It is important to note that not all games are created equal, and some may not have the same benefits as others. It is also important to balance game-playing with other activities, such as exercise and social interaction.

In addition to traditional board and card games, video games have also been found to have cognitive benefits. Certain video games require players to navigate complex virtual environments and make strategic decisions, which can improve problem-solving and decision-making skills. However, it is important to choose games that are age-appropriate and do not involve excessive violence or other inappropriate content.

Happify (IOS, Android)

We all deal with stress every day in one form or another and you’ve probably noticed how it can be very difficult to think when under a massive amount of stress. According to Psychology Today, chronic stress can cause long term changes in brain structure and its functions. Good thing there is an app like Happify to help reduce stress making it easier for your brain to run on all cylinders.

Happify is a scientifically designed app that was created after a decade’s worth of research into what makes people happy and reduces stress. The app works similarly to Lumosity in the way that there are activities and games that train your brain, but with Happify the focus is increasing your happiness. According to the Happify website, people who use the app see dramatic improvements in their positive emotions and overall life satisfaction. (SeeGraphBelow). Bottom line? A happy brain is a healthy brain.

Math Puzzle

Calculating the maths equation is so boring and most people don’t like maths subjects. But it is scientifically proven that Mathematics sums equations help the human brain to work fast and more intelligently. Yes, it is right you can search on google even or ask elders.

If maths is not your favourite subject then not to worry, you don’t need to solve large mathematical equations on paper. Just download the Math Puzzle-Rise Up Your Mind android game. All maths questions are not boring. You have to practise logical maths and reasoning-based questions which are available in this app.

Students can easily improve their maths skills and learn multiplication tables with daily practice. There are various mini-games and maths puzzles for all age groups and kids to become masters in arithmetic. Math puzzles help to increase the human mind’s response time and alertness.

Lumosity- Brain Training

Before playing any mind power game check your IQ level to track your progress. Lumosity Brain Training game is the super best android application to improve your IQ level. This app is the best in his class and Google recommends it as the Editor’s choice.

Behind this game, a scientific team manages and improves this application for cognitive research. They transform their year’s research into a game called Lumosity. It is the most-rated gaming app in the brain improvement and education category.

Lumosity offers you 40+ different scientific games for better IQ and brain health. You can increase your brain productivity by playing all these. From vocabulary skills, maths games, problem-solving, and language tests, to memory boosters all your brain needs.

Missing Object Game

This brain training game is another suggestion when it comes to practice memory. In this game, you are given a limited time to memorize the objects’ positions. Later, they will be covered or exchanged. Your job is to figure out the right position of the asked object. The higher the level is, the more difficult it becomes. This is because there will be an increase in the distraction factors, which causes confusion for your brain. Therefore, this game is really a good choice for your children to exercise their brain both at home and in class.


For those who do not know this game, it is another guessing game. Players must guess the right words for the picture that their teammate draws. The team with a faster correct answer scores a point. So, how does this game relate to IQ enhancement? Through this pictionary game, children get the chance to practice imagination. They must apply their learned knowledge and inference to connect the hints they observe. Meanwhile, the painter is free to develop his own personal view of the thing. Furthermore, you will be surprised to find out how united and aggressive the kids are.

ABrain- Improve your Memory

ABrain is helpful to increase your memory power and brain attention. This game is specially designed for those children whose concentration power is low. It becomes very hard for parents to work out their child’s mind and concentration power. The app will help them to improve their children’s memory by playing games.

Kids can easily engage in games and it is a good way to teach them more productive and valuable things. You can play colour identification games, memory improvement, and memorising games.

More than 15 plus games are divided into 4 groups: Memory, Attention, Reaction, and Maths.

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