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5 fun reasons to play Spire Blast in 2023

Spire Blast is one of the best casual games on Apple Arcade. It is a physics-based match game that offers tons of crushing fun.

With more than 200 titles on Apple’s gaming service, finding the best is hard. Here are five reasons why Spire Blast is worth trying today

1. Smashy, smashy
Spire Blast gives you a tower with different colored blocks and gives you blocks of the same color to throw at the building. Hit a block on the lookout with a thrown block of the same color, and they both fall. Hit a group of blocks of that color, and they will all fall.

This, of course, makes the building unstable. Remove enough blocks, and it will collapse. It was so satisfying. Toppling a tower satisfies a deep inner need to destroy things.

The challenge comes from the number of stones you have to throw. You must be strategic or you will escape without destroying the tower.

The game is similar to Jenga, except you don’t have to clean up the messy blocks after each round. Your Apple device takes care of this hassle.

To be clear, this is not realistic violence at all. The buildings are so cartoonish that even the animated characters can’t live in them. They are just targets to be knocked down.

2. So many different game options

Knocking down towers by throwing bricks is the simplest version of Spire Blast. The developer, Orbital Knight, added a lot of complications to keep the game interesting.

These include moving shields, locked blocks that need to be hit multiple times, blocks that change color, and blocks that don’t have color, so you can’t destroy them directly. One of my favorites is the block fed dragon. You do this by bringing down towers on him – something he likes.

As well as colored bricks to throw at your tower, you’ll find rockets, potions that remove blocks of a certain color, and other tools of destruction.

Orbital Knight adds special events throughout the year that allow players to play additional game variations.

3. Spire Blast remains attractive as it becomes more and more challenging
When you play a traditional game like solitaire, your last game is just as tricky as the first. This does not apply to Spire Blast. It’s constantly changing and getting more challenging.

It starts easy, but it’s just to teach you how to play. (Or maybe it makes you cocky.) It’s going to get a lot more complicated soon.

I have already mentioned various possibilities. The demons in Orbital Knight not only mixed it up, but the game kept piling it up. As you progress through the game, you must take down towers with five or six different types of complications using a limited number of throwing blocks.

It keeps the game interesting. You’ll get better and better at the game over time, so the towers have to get harder and harder to get boring.

Don’t expect to complete each level successfully the first time. This is especially true as you enter the higher and more challenging levels.

However, Spire Blast also allows you to always fall back on simpler towers if you just want to take down a few buildings without getting into epic fights. The blocks are set up differently each time, so there’s a lot of replayability.

4. Played fast

That’s what you want in a casual game. Play five minutes or five hours – it’s up to you.

I love playing during commercial breaks on TV shows. A game round lasts roughly as long as a few adverts, whether you win or lose.

Note that when I say “quick play,” I mean just each level. There are hundreds of challenging levels to complete. And Orbital Knight regularly adds new levels for you to enjoy. You won’t finish the whole game quickly.

5. No annoying in-app purchases
Many other color-matching puzzles are available “free,” but in-app purchases are required to make this game fun. Not this one.

Spire Blast is part of Apple Arcade, and the service prohibits such tricks. You don’t need to buy gems or other BS to have fun. This should reassure parents whose children play games. No hidden fees.

If you like candy and explosions, this game includes how to dress up the dragon, but you don’t use real money to buy clothes. You earn credits by playing games.

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