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Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips: Find Ashley & Conquer Las Plagas

If you’re looking to track down Ashley and survive the perils of Las Plagas and the possessed locals in Resident Evil 4 Remake, a handful of helpful tips and tricks could make all the difference.

With the game’s challenging nature apparent from the outset, from the initial skirmishes in the village to the climactic encounters with bosses, it’s likely that you’ll require some guidance.

Whether you’re a returning player or a newcomer to Resident Evil 4 Remake, we’ve assembled a selection of advice that should prove beneficial.

Search everywhere and remember you can double back

Always be thorough when exploring a room or area in Resident Evil 4. Break open yellow crates and boxes, open drawers and lockers, and search for loose resources or locked containers, which will all appear on your map when you’re near them. Collect whatever you can, and take note of anything you can’t obtain yet. You may come across containers that require specific keys, but don’t worry if you don’t have them yet, as you can always come back later. Keep in mind that there may be a point of no return in some levels, so make sure to explore everything before proceeding, and the merchant will give you a warning before reaching it.

Mix herbs when possible to save inventory

When you combine herbs in Resident Evil 4, they take up less space in your inventory. Red and Yellow Herbs don’t have any effect until they’re mixed with other herbs – Red Herbs increase potency when mixed with Green Herbs, while Yellow Herbs boost overall health when consumed as part of a mix. So, it’s best to combine them whenever possible to save space and maximize their benefits. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of unused herbs taking up valuable inventory space.

Attache case inventory upgrades are always worth the effort

In Resident Evil 4, your inventory is conveniently stored in your Attache case (where Leon keeps it all is anyone’s guess!). The more upgrades you purchase from the Merchant, the larger your case becomes, allowing you to carry more weapons, ammo, herbs, and even raw eggs. Although these upgrades are costly, they are worth every penny, so be sure to buy them as soon as possible. Additionally, you can utilize shooting gallery charms to enhance your crafting and Merchant transactions, so don’t forget to attach them to your Attach case!

Always have a pistol and upgrade it as a main weapon option

In Resident Evil 4, there are several pistols to choose from, including the starting SG-09 R, the Red9, and the Punisher. While opinions on the best one vary, it’s important to always have a handgun with you as they are reliable and ammo for them is easy to come by. Despite not being the best overall weapon, it’s one of the guns you’ll use the most, so keep it close and upgrade it whenever possible to make it as effective as can be.

Flash grenades can be more lethal than the regular kind

Aside from stunning regular enemies, Flash Grenades have a fascinating attribute: they are lethal against all kinds of parasites. Whether it’s the Las Plagas bugs or head-poppers, any insect-like creature will either die instantly or suffer significant damage when hit by a Flash Grenade. This feature can be used to your advantage, allowing you to clear an area of giant parasites with a single, well-aimed throw!

Animals can be harvested for bonus items

In Resident Evil 4, Leon can go on a hunting spree against not only the zombie creatures but also the animals. Although the demon dogs are exempted from this list, you can shoot or stab fish to turn them into health items, collect resources by killing crows (try throwing a Flash Grenade into a flock), and wait for chickens to lay eggs that you can consume. Moreover, there are occasional “Pest Control” missions that require you to eliminate rats in the vicinity, so it’s important to squash any rodents you come across!

Hold onto gemstones for inlaying into other treasure to earn more cash

Gemstones hold significant value, especially when they are inlaid into treasures that have empty slots. You can easily identify these slots in the treasure menu adjacent to your regular inventory. Some combinations of gemstones hold even greater worth, which you can discover by checking out the Gemstone bonuses accessible through Square/X. These bonuses function as a multiplier on the total value of the treasure, greatly boosting its selling price at the merchant. Rather than selling Gemstones on their own, experiment with mixing and matching them in the treasure slots to maximize your profits! Keep in mind that selling an item worth more than 100,000 Pesetas also unlocks an achievement.

Repair your knife often or use it carefully

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, the knife is no longer an unlimited-use tool and can now break down over time. Its durability is affected the least when used to parry attacks with a well-timed L1/LB press or to deliver the finishing blow to stunned enemies. However, the knife’s durability decreases the most when using it to break out of an enemy’s chokehold, which can be a lifesaving move but comes at a cost.

Use mobility and range to deal with enemies and mobs

In Resident Evil 4, you’ll quickly learn that the majority of enemies are sluggish and rely on close-range attacks, such as grabbing, biting, and stabbing. To stay alive, your best strategy is to constantly move and keep your distance. Although enemies may occasionally throw projectiles, these attacks are usually predictable and avoidable with a timely sidestep. It’s crucial to prioritize keeping your foes at bay – attack them as soon as they come into view, use melee attacks when they get too close, and avoid getting cornered at all costs.

Lillian Hocker
Lillian Hocker
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