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Chile and Mexico Call for ICC Probe into Gaza War: Palestinian Ministry Welcomes Move

In a significant development, Chile and Mexico have urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate potential crimes against civilians amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The Palestinian foreign ministry has expressed appreciation for this call, emphasizing the urgency for the ICC to address the escalating violence. This article delves into the details of the request and its implications.

Gaza Under Siege: Background

Israeli Attacks and Devastation

Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, triggered by a surprise attack from Hamas fighters on October 7, has resulted in widespread devastation. Israeli officials report approximately 1,140 casualties, predominantly civilians. In response, Israel launched a relentless air and ground offensive, causing more than 24,600 casualties, with about 70 percent being children, women, and the elderly, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

International Call for ICC Investigation

Chile and Mexico’s Concerns

Chile and Mexico have formally requested the ICC to investigate potential crimes against civilians in Gaza. Mexico’s foreign ministry cited “growing concern over the latest escalation of violence, particularly against civilian targets.” They highlighted the ICC in The Hague as the appropriate venue based on numerous UN reports detailing incidents that could fall under the court’s jurisdiction.

Support for War Crime Investigation

Chile’s foreign minister, Alberto van Klaveren, emphasized the country’s support for investigating any possible war crime, irrespective of the perpetrator, be it Israelis or Palestinians. This stance underscores a commitment to impartiality and a pursuit of justice in the face of escalating hostilities.

Palestinian Response and Urgency for ICC Action

Welcoming the Referral

The Palestinian foreign ministry welcomed the ICC referral by Chile and Mexico, seeing it as confirmation of the urgent need for the court to fulfill its mandate. The ministry’s statement stressed the critical role of the ICC in deterring, investigating, and prosecuting the most serious crimes affecting the international community.

Ongoing Genocidal War

Despite international calls for accountability, the Palestinian foreign ministry noted that Israeli officials continue their actions unabated, describing the conflict as a “genocidal war.” This emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the urgency for the ICC to intervene.

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International Legal Landscape

ICC Investigation History

The ICC had initiated an investigation into Israel, Hamas, and other armed Palestinian groups for potential war crimes in the Palestinian territories in 2021. ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan announced in November that the investigation had expanded to cover the escalation of hostilities and violence following the October 7 attacks.

Global Calls for ICC Intervention

South Africa, Bangladesh, Bolivia, the Comoros, and Djibouti had previously called for an ICC investigation into the conflict. These collective voices underscore the international community’s concern and demand for accountability.

Israel’s Stance and ICC Jurisdiction

Israel’s Non-Membership and Rejection of ICC Jurisdiction

It’s noteworthy that Israel is not a member of the ICC and does not recognize its jurisdiction. This poses a challenge to the ICC’s authority over Israeli actions, highlighting the complex legal dynamics surrounding the investigation.

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