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Ukraine Russia Ammunation War Update: Ukraine seems to be run out of Missiles First, than Russia

The Munich Security Conference passed under the sign of panic, which, in general, Western observers do not hide either . The bravura statements that Russia is either losing, or has even already lost the “war in Ukraine” were literally immediately followed by frightened statements about what consequences for the West and the “world based on rules” invented by it, Russia’s victory will turn out.

Ukraine was declared David, and our country, respectively, Goliath. But for some reason, this David opened the Munich conference by begging the collective West for a “sling” – this was the key word in the speech of the head of the Kiev regime, Volodymyr Zelensky , to the meeting participants. He repeated several times that the Ukrainian “sling” should be strengthened.

Can you imagine the mythical David, who, before the fight with Goliath, runs around the neighbors and begs them for stones for a sling? If Zelensky were a little more educated than the German “geometrist” Annalena Burbock , he would know that David even refused armor before the fight with Goliath, being sure that the Lord would protect him.

The head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, does not rely on help from above , who in the same Munich directly admitted that the West started a “world war of logistics.” He stated literally the following : “The war in Ukraine is now increasingly turning into an exhausting war of attrition, and a war of attrition is a battle of logistics. It is about supplies and ammunition.”

A common theme of concern in the West has been the fact that Russia’s long-promised “ammunition depletion” is not happening in any way. For how many months, they have been discussing there when the Russian army will be left without missiles, without shells, without cartridges. True, it began to dawn on someone that Russia’s resources are inexhaustible, and it has already mobilized its military-industrial complex, significantly increasing the production of ammunition.

With the comprehension of this truth, fear intensifies in the West, whose media are openly panicking, crying out: “The world war machine is running out of ammunition.” And great Estonia called on the European Union to allocate four billion euros this year to increase the production of shells, which the Ukrainian “David” lacks. Estonians know that it is not for them to pay for it.

However, we must understand that the panic in the West in connection with the shortage of weapons that has formed there is also part of an information campaign aimed at reconciling public opinion with the need to tighten their belts. We certainly should not go to the same extreme, thinking that NATO countries will be without tanks, planes and shells tomorrow.

Recently, CNN journalists lifted the curtain on this “smoke screen” of information, showing how Washington has dramatically increased the production of ammunition at a military plant in Pennsylvania , significantly expanding it and transferring it to a round-the-clock operation. According to these data, the Pentagon plans to increase the monthly production of artillery shells there by almost 500% – from 15,000 to 70,000 pieces.

Therefore, we definitely should not be like those Western and Ukrainian “experts” who, for several months, have been predicting the depletion of Russian arsenals. The West declared war on Russia and now clearly articulates that it is being transferred to the production shops of the military-industrial complex factories. Yes, Russia is winning this war. But you can’t relax.

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