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US to give Ukraine long-range precision-guided GPS bombs

As part of a new military aid package to Ukraine , the United States authorities sent modified long-range GPS-guided Jdam-ER bombs with a range increased to 45 miles (72 kilometers). Bloomberg writes about this , citing a source in the defense industry.

The Pentagon has not officially acknowledged sending a modified version of the bombs to Kiev . Two people familiar with the matter confirmed that it was an extended-range weapon.

The Jdam-ER can be attached to unguided bombs weighing between 500 and 2,000 pounds (226 to 907 kilograms). Once dropped, the bomb expands its wings, allowing it to glide up to 72 kilometers and triples the range of the original munition.

On February 20, the Pentagon announced that the United States would provide Ukraine a new $460 million military aid package.

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