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NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg Addresses Unstable Ammunition Supplies to Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has commented on the stability of artillery ammunition supplies to Ukraine in a conversation with the British television channel Sky News. Stoltenberg noted that the West has not yet been able to ensure stable supplies of ammunition, citing the high consumption of ammunition as the reason for the instability. He emphasized that the only way to maintain support for Ukraine is to work with the defense industry to ensure that allies enter into long-term contracts. Stoltenberg also referred to the conflict in Ukraine as a “logistics battle” and stated that the West will support its ally for as long as necessary.

In mid-February, Stoltenberg stated that there are discussions within the alliance regarding the supply of fighter jets to Kiev. He noted that the issue of military aircraft is not the most urgent matter at the moment and that discussions are ongoing. In conclusion, Stoltenberg added that Ukraine will eventually become a member of NATO, but for now it is important to ensure its victory as a “sovereign independent country in Europe.”

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