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China is the first country in the world to activate the vaccination passport

The vaccination passport is launched in China for the first time in the world . It will serve to certify immunization from Covid-19 and all citizens who want it can request it (for now it is optional) on WeChat, a messaging app and Chinese social media. The passport is paper or digital and contains a QrCode through which all the health information of its holder is accessed , with a system very similar to the one that is already used in the country to regulate access to public places or transport: yes frames and produces a green code if the person to whom it refers has not been in contact with infected subjects or has not been in areas considered to be outbreaks. The substantial difference lies in the fact that iThe Vaccinal Passport was created to be consulted also by the authorities of other countries . The reason why it was introduced, in fact, is to encourage the resumption of travel: as explained by a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, it will serve to “help promote global economic recovery and facilitate cross-border travel” .

Thus the country where the pandemic broke out, among the first in the world also for the number of vaccines administered (5 million in Beijing alone), first of all kicks off the pass that could finally raise the fortunes of the tourism industry on its knees Covid . In the rest of the world, meanwhile, the health passport is still in an experimental phase or just a topic of discussion. The Iata (International Air Transport Association), for example, in the wake of experiments initiated by individual airlines such as the Australian Qantas , has just launched a Travel Pass : in fact an app that is based on a mechanism very similar to the Chinese passport that it aims to become a universal system. Meanwhile in the European Unionthe president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen , after her initial reticence, has just declared herself willing to talk about it: she wants to understand how to overcome the limits, even ethical ones, of the document. Also Read: Amazon chief technology officer: IT security big problem after corona pandemic

If, on the one hand, the advantages of a “green card” for those who have been vaccinated are undeniable, on the other – as the WHO has been repeating for weeks – we must count the disadvantages for those who are still waiting to be vaccinated and who does not even know if and when they will be able to do so , for example citizens of poorer countries. Not to mention that there is also a large population of no-vax: since the vaccine for now is on a voluntary basis, we will have to think about them too. Also Read: Jobs with a future in 2021: The greatest potential lies in these technologies

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