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How to Be Strong Mentally in 2023

Stormy times surround us. There are no guarantees and more uncertainty than ever. The key to coping with this restless world is learning to tolerate uncertainty and regulate our emotions. Mentally strong people have learned to cultivate both of these mindsets.

1) Mentally strong people are adaptable and open to new insights.  They don’t cling to existing beliefs if they no longer seem valid or relevant.

2) Mentally strong people are afraid, but don’t let it stop them from moving forward. Moving can be scary and uncomfortable, but a mentally strong person understands that every struggle allows more strength to be gained. Staying in fear doesn’t help you overcome limiting beliefs about the world. This makes them real and powerful.


Being brave enough to go against the grain, speak out, and stand out despite resistance and rejection is critical to growing and testing your parameters.

Most of our problems are caused by our distorted thinking. We learn by observing our parents and other influential role models. We know from society and the media. Not everything we learn is true or balanced. It pays to think critically – to evaluate information for yourself before you believe something.

3) Mentally strong people self-determination. They don’t allow other people to tell them who they are, whether they are capable or not, or what may or may not be possible for them in their life. Mentally strong people decide for themselves because their opinion of themselves is more important than that of other people.

Most of our suffering comes from a discrepancy between how we imagine life and how we actually live. The adage “It’s not bad being that way” is probably a saying most of us utter at some point in our lives. Accepting what is can change everything. Let go of resistance and deal with it as it is. Just because things don’t go according to plan doesn’t mean they are lost.

Be philosophical – maybe for some reason or higher purpose, as it should be now…

4) Mentally strong people are not obsessed with always being happy. Happiness can present itself when we least expect it. It could also be a moment. The chemical burst of endorphins and the increase in serotonin are activated by small events like laughing with friends or jumping in the park. Happiness is specific to each individual, not by general consensus. If your idea of ​​pure happiness is sucking pumpkin seeds in your shed on a rainy day, who has the right to deny that or tell you it isn’t true happiness? Stay centered and know what makes you happy, but don’t obsess. The hunt seems to make it even more elusive.

The mind is more powerful in dealing with specific situations and circumstances than the actual situation itself. How we perceive a situation has a tremendous impact on the quality of our life. We can soak in negative, toxic thoughts or build and nurture our resilience by adopting an optimistic attitude. This is easier said than done, but it was worth the effort.

5) Mentally strong people have strong minds – they don’t follow the crowd blindly. They break the rules (not laws) but have a good sense of right and wrong.

6) People who are mentally strong also understand that hatred and revenge do not harm those who are hated. They only hurt the haters. Empathy and understanding separate animals from humans; we need to use these abilities to make our lives run smoothly. Being judgmental can be toxic and lead to bigotry. Keep an open mind and remember that most people make mistakes. Try not always to think the worst of other people. It affects you and your beliefs in the world, not the people you don’t trust.

7) Finally, a mentally strong person is fully responsible for his current position. They understand that their past choices, thoughts, and actions led them to where they are today. They don’t blame others for making decisions, even if they are passive. For example – blaming your ex for all your problems while you are still stuck with that person, perhaps on a subconscious or anxious level.

You are stronger than you think. We dilute our personal power by allowing self-doubt and limiting beliefs in ourselves to prevent us from being true to ourselves. Believe in yourself, be kind, compassionate, and tolerant, and see the world in your own way.

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