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Nothing is Normal about “The New Normal” – A Discussion on Covid 19 and ChangeManagement with Robert Paisola, CEO of Western Capital in Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS VEGAS – Robert Paisola, the CEO of Western Capital International, is a noted leader on The effects of Covid-19 on American Businesses and CHANGE MANAGEMENT. He is also a noted Motivational Speaker with a National Radio Show on The Westwood One Radio Network.   “It is so amazing that we are receiving all of this attention from around the world… But all this does is validate that businesses are CHANGING”, said Paisola. RobertPaisola is the CEO and President Western Capital is a United States Based Company with offices in Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas Nevada, and Salt Lake City Utah.

Paisola stated that “The only way that a company will be able to compete in this new Post Covid-19 arena is to Completely Reinvent Itself” … And this is what he has done at Western Capital.  Robert Paisola noted that many large firms have managed to increase their sales growth rate and EBIT margin… but it has been difficult.. Despite many temporary and lasting changes in the business world, it is quite possible for companies to adapt to a new normal by focusing on change management & managing business strategy effectively.

Robert Paisola says that the significant changes in the habits across the globe have affected the supply chains for many organizations. He says that companies need to identify growth opportunities by implementing temporary and permanent changes in the habits trends of the Organization. “In order to Compete on the Worldwide Stage, We must Innovate, said Paisola.  And Innovate is what Western Capital has done!

Before making any decisions that involve CHANGE, Paisola cautions “It is essential to lay out a clear and concise plan to your team, your clients and investors” he said. Any major decisions on adopting a new business model must have Full Buy-In by all affected”. “This is the “new normal“, said Paisola. Covid19 has forced our organization to study the data and corporate analytics deeply to search for superior sources of income. The choice of a new business model is no longer a Question.. But an Issue, that MUST BE SOLVED by your Management Team. 

During the Analysis phase, It is important to explore all the options.  “Yes,  we know our employees are tired of being locked down and doing Zoom Calls” said Robert Paisola, but this is all part of the PROCESS OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT.  “We have been able to see which team members are up to the task, and it has made MyCollector.org  and MyCollector.net ,  The Divisions of Western Capital… Stronger!   Paisola, has made a Substantial Financial Investment into his Company via his Foundation and Bain Capital, the Parent Company.  Those decisions resulted in an instant boom in its online sales and bottom line..

Choosing the right platform to work with also decides the competitive space of a given firm. Robert Paisola’s Western Capital has partnered with the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) to choose the right platform by focusing on the developmental aspects of the Organization.  Robert Paisola says “You as a CEO are either going to go digital or die… it’s that simple!” The days of the 9-5 at the office with 200 people are OVER!

That’s why employees at Western Capital opted to work remotely and collaborate via Highly Encrypted video-conferencing over the Amazon Web Service Security Cloud.  The final issue is simple.. “Focus on the Cash” and Keep your People Happy…. You will make Millions… Easy!” he said.

Robert Paisola is the CEO and Chairman of Western Capital International.

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