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    Judiciary confirms 9-year prison sentence against Felix Moreno

    The Judiciary of Callao secondly upheld the sentence of 9 years of custodial sentence against the former regional governor of Callao Félix Moreno Caballero, for the Corpac case.

    During the appeal hearing held on December 29, 2020, Callao’s senior deputy anti-corruption prosecutor Walter Américo Coello Huamán filed an effective jail request for the crime of collusion against 18 defendants, involving former members of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC S.A.).

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    In the same line, it was established that the general manager and manager of that organization, Luis Felipe Vallejo Leigh and Fernando Noblecilla Zúñiga, respectively, together with the members of their board, allocated 53 million suns for the construction of their institutional headquarters and instead of convening public competition the work, they signed directly an agreement with the company Finver Callao.

    In addition, it was confirmed that the defendants transferred 31 million suns (70% of the value of the work) when it was in less than 20% of the works, which were stopped by Finver Callao’s inability to build, because he had no experience in the field, nor the machinery required.

    On the other hand, it was shown that of the 31 million suns that Corpac allocated to Finver Callao, only S/10 million spending was found, so the fraud would amount to S/21 million.

    Félix Moreno was also sentenced to five years in effective detention in the Fundo Oquendo case and has a 36-month pre-trial detention mandate for his links with Brazilian company Odebrecht in the construction of the Costa Verde-Tramo Callao road project.

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