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Trump’s 2023 Mugshot Surfaces Amidst Four Legal Cases

Former President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Fulton County Jail was a brief affair, lasting approximately 20 minutes, during which he underwent the standard procedures for criminal defendant intake. This marked the fourth instance of criminal charges being levied against him in the year. However, it was noteworthy because it kept his first booking at a jail and the acquisition of his mug shot.

Inside the Fulton County Jail, Mr. Trump was subjected to the typical intake process, including fingerprinting and taking his photograph. He was assigned the identification number P01135809 within the Fulton County criminal justice system. It’s worth noting that this process was notably swifter than what most defendants typically experience. Within just 20 minutes, Mr. Trump was returning to the airport, where his private plane awaited him.

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Shortly after he arrived at the jail, Mr. Trump’s details were swiftly entered into Fulton County’s booking system. The record indicated his physical attributes as having “blonde or strawberry” hair, a height of 6 feet 3 inches, and a weight of 215 pounds. Interestingly, this weight was 24 pounds less than what had been reported by the White House doctor in 2018.

In Mr. Trump’s mug shot, he appears to be wearing a stern expression, in contrast to the more relaxed or even smiling demeanor seen in some other defendants’ photos. It’s noteworthy that even during his official White House photo session before his presidency, Mr. Trump had opted for a serious countenance, likening himself to Winston Churchill.

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