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Trump’s Latest Attacks on Special Counsel Jack Smith: Last Straw?

After Jack Smith submitted a motion to the federal judge regarding Trump’s threats, Trump retaliated with further menacing remarks. Earlier that day, in the DC federal criminal case, Donald Trump’s legal team filed an unconventional “Emergency Motion to Vacate Order on Government’s Motion to Seal.”

This motion sought the judge’s intervention to prevent Special Counsel Jack Smith from filing confidential documents (not for public access) until both parties engaged in an extended dialogue to determine the necessity of sealing documents before considering their substance. Trump’s legal team requested the court to annul or set aside previous orders permitting Smith to file confidentially without this procedural step.

It’s evident that Trump’s legal team’s intention was to introduce significant delays, possibly in an attempt to thwart the scheduled trial date of March 4, 2024.

Jack Smith’s response to this motion shed light on the content of the sealed document he wished to submit, triggering yet another impulsive response from Donald Trump on his social media platform.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s rebuttal to Trump’s motion highlighted the improper delay tactics employed by Trump’s lawyers and disclosed an additional detail. Smith emphasized that prompt resolution was necessary regarding Donald Trump’s extrajudicial threats, which were the subject of the motion in question. These threats targeted not only the federal judge, Tanya Chutkan, but also prosecutors, witnesses, the judicial system, and the community at large.

Donald Trump promptly confirmed Jack Smith’s point by responding immediately, raising concerns about his ongoing behavior, both in person and on social media, and making further threats.

In one post, Trump labeled Jack Smith as “deranged” and accused him of possessing “unchecked and insane aggression.” He dismissed the criminal case against him as “fake” and emphatically demanded its dismissal.

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In another post, Trump complained of being “persecuted” by “crazy Nancy Pelosi” and falsely claimed that the January 6 Committee records had been destroyed, despite over 1 million records from the committee having been provided to Trump during the discovery phase of the federal criminal case.

Donald Trump’s swift and aggressive reactions, immediately following Jack Smith’s motion, underscore the extent of his desperation. One possible scenario is that Trump is attempting to provoke federal judge Tanya Chutkan into ordering his arrest, a move that could garner more attention, allow him to continue his political maneuvering, portray himself as a martyr and victim, and potentially use it as a tactic to delay the trial. Trump seems less concerned with defending himself against the allegations and more focused on undermining the judicial system and tarnishing America’s reputation through his reprehensible behavior, with the apparent support of elements within the modern-day Republican Party.

In any case, Trump’s recent attacks seem to have pushed prosecutors and judges to their limits in ignoring his behavior, prompting Jack Smith to address this behavior urgently.

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