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Breaking News: Ukraine Launches Missile Attack on Crimea, Russia Responds

Russia alleges that Ukraine initiated an attack by launching ten missiles and deploying three unmanned boats against the residence of its Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

The assault resulted in a significant fire at a Sevastopol shipyard, leading to injuries sustained by 24 individuals, as reported by Russia.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Moscow-appointed governor, asserted that most of the incoming weaponry had been intercepted.

Russia claimed that two of its ships incurred damage due to cruise missile strikes.

A photograph shared by Mr. Razvozhayev on Telegram depicts flames engulfing what appears to be a vessel in a port as he communicates on his phone.

Images circulating on social media, pending verification by the BBC, depict multiple substantial explosions in the vicinity.

It is important to note that Russia unlawfully annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

While Ukraine has previously targeted Sevastopol and the Black Sea fleet, this attack appears to be one of the most concerted efforts to date, likely utilizing long-range missiles supplied by Western sources.

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The fact that some missiles penetrated Russia’s air defenses and inflicted substantial damage is a matter of genuine concern in Moscow.

The country’s defense ministry asserted that seven missiles were intercepted, and all three boats were destroyed. Ukraine has yet to issue a statement regarding the attack in Crimea.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Russian drones inflicted damage on the Ukrainian grain port of Izmail, situated along the Danube River.

Oleh Kiper, the governor of the Odesa region, disclosed that six individuals were injured in the attack, which resulted in a fire and inflicted damage on critical infrastructure.

Mr. Kiper communicated through Telegram, stating, “Several groups of drones were launched at the Izmail district. Unfortunately, there were hits: damage to port and other civil infrastructure was recorded.”

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