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Russia Alleges Western Intelligence Support for Ukraine in Crimea Navy HQ Attack

On Wednesday, Moscow leveled accusations against Washington and London, alleging their involvement in facilitating a missile strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters in annexed Crimea the previous week. Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, asserted with unwavering confidence that this attack had been meticulously premeditated, orchestrated with Western intelligence assets, NATO’s satellite technology, and reconnaissance aircraft.

Moreover, Zakharova asserted that this missile strike was executed in intimate collaboration with American and British intelligence services. Ukraine claimed responsibility for this unprecedented missile attack, which targeted the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters in the port city of Sevastopol last Friday, igniting a substantial blaze.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry reported one Russian serviceman as missing due to the attack, while Kyiv contended that it resulted in the deaths of 34 officers, including Fleet Commander Viktor Sokolov. However, on Wednesday, the Defense Ministry released a video depicting Sokolov seemingly in good health, reaffirming that the Black Sea Fleet was steadfastly executing its entrusted commands.

Since the invasion of Ukraine the previous year, the Kremlin has consistently accused Western powers of engaging in a covert conflict against Russia by extending financial and military support to Kyiv.

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