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Norway’s Ban on Russian-Registered Passenger Cars Starting Oct. 3

Norway has taken a significant step in solidarity with Finland, the Baltic states, and Poland by jointly implementing a prohibition on the entry of Russian-registered passenger cars starting from October 3rd, as announced by the foreign ministry on Friday.

This collective action aligns with broader Western strategies to undermine Russia’s capacity to fund its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt emphasized the necessity for these sanctions to effectively curtail the financial resources required by the Russian government to sustain its military operations in Ukraine. Huitfeldt underscored this point in a statement, highlighting the crucial role of these measures in preventing Russia from accessing income streams vital to its war efforts.

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It’s worth noting that the ban on Russian-registered passenger cars will have exceptions. Specifically, vehicles owned by Norwegian citizens or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens with permanent residence in Russia and their family members will not be subject to this restriction. In this context, the ban applies exclusively to vehicles with nine or fewer seats, as elucidated by the Norwegian foreign ministry.

This move by Norway follows the lead of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, which had previously enacted similar bans. This collective response stemmed from a directive issued by the European Commission, reflecting a coordinated approach among European nations to pressure Russia economically and limit its financial resources for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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