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Physics Wallah Teacher Assaulted by Student During Live Session, Video Surfaces

In a strange incident, a heated altercation erupted between a Physics Wallah instructor and a student during a live session. The video capturing this altercation has gone viral on various social media platforms, depicting a disturbing confrontation taking place in the midst of a live class. An attendee of the livestream recorded the incident and it quickly gained widespread attention.

The footage reveals the teacher engaged in his routine instructional duties when, unexpectedly, a student initiated an aggressive assault. The student is seen mercilessly attacking the teacher, even resorting to slapping him with a slipper during the live session. Notably, this is not the first instance of controversy surrounding the Ed-tech platform PhysicsWallah, as it is believed that the teacher featured in the video is affiliated with the company. At present, the motive behind this altercation remains unclear. You can watch the video for yourself to form your own opinion.

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Since its upload, the video has garnered over 500K views, depicting a disturbing scene of both individuals engaged in physical conflict. Numerous viewers have left comments inquiring about the underlying cause of the dispute.

Meanwhile, previously, renowned Physics Wallah educators Tarun Kumar, Manish Dubey, and Sarvesh Dixit parted ways with the platform, citing differences in their vision compared to that of Alakh Pandey’s company. In their video statements, Kumar, Dubey, and Dixit alleged that Physics Wallah teacher Pankaj Sijairya had made baseless accusations of accepting bribes against them, and they also claimed that their YouTube channel, Sankalp, had faced disruptions. They explained that their decision to resign was influenced by the belief that the atmosphere at Physics Wallah was no longer conducive for the benefit of students.

In one emotionally charged Sankalp video, Kumar, Dubey, and Dixit visibly broke down, receiving an outpouring of support on their YouTube channel. However, for those not intimately familiar with the situation, the events left them perplexed.

John Collins
John Collins
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