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Unveiling the Alarming Escalation of Suicide Rates in South Korea

In a startling revelation, recent data from the health ministry and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, submitted to Rep. Baek Jong-hean of the ruling People Power Party, has unveiled a deeply concerning trend in South Korea. Over the past three years, almost 40,000 Koreans have tragically taken their own lives. This grim statistic paints a distressing picture of a nation grappling with a soaring suicide rate, with the younger generation being the most profoundly affected. This article delves into the distressing details and implications of this crisis, revealing the critical need for immediate and comprehensive intervention.

The Disturbing Statistics

The numbers are as sobering as they are disheartening. From 2020 to 2022, a total of 39,453 lives were lost to suicide, surpassing the 32,156 deaths attributed to COVID-19 over the same period. This tragic reality serves as a poignant reminder of the urgency to address a crisis that has been plaguing the nation.

While the overall suicide rate has experienced a slight decrease over the past five years, standing at 25.2 people per 100,000 population in 2022, the most concerning trend emerges within the younger demographics. Teenagers and individuals in their 20s are experiencing a distressing upward trajectory in suicide rates. The teenage suicide rate has surged from 5.8 per 100,000 individuals in 2018 to 7.2 in 2022. Similarly, those in their 20s have seen their suicide rate rise from 17.6 to 21.4 over the same period. These statistics serve as an alarming wake-up call, highlighting the vulnerability of the youth to the pervasive issue of suicide.

Escalating Suicide Attempts

Beyond the heart-wrenching loss of life, another ominous aspect of this crisis is the significant increase in suicide attempts. Last year, a staggering 36,754 individuals sought emergency medical attention after either self-inflicted harm or attempting to take their own lives. This number represents a harrowing 68 percent increase from 2012, when 21,875 people faced similar circumstances. These figures underline the pressing need for immediate action and a comprehensive approach to address the multifaceted issues contributing to this crisis.

The Urgent Call for Action

Rep. Baek Jong-hean of the People Power Party, upon reviewing these distressing statistics, has issued an unequivocal call to action. He has urged the government to declare suicide a national disaster, emphasizing the need for all-out efforts to combat this escalating crisis. This alarming situation demands a concerted response at both the individual and societal levels, involving healthcare providers, policymakers, educators, and the broader community.


The escalating suicide rates in South Korea, particularly among the younger generation, represent a grave concern that necessitates immediate and decisive action. The numbers tell a heartbreaking story, underscoring the urgent need for a holistic approach to address the multifaceted factors contributing to this crisis. As the nation grapples with this heartbreaking reality, the call for action is resounding, demanding a collective commitment to safeguard the well-being and future of the nation’s youth.

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