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Mukesh Ambani receives third death threat, email demands ₹400 crore

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, found himself facing a third threat via email, where the sender demanded ₹400 crore (equivalent to $54 million) after not receiving any response to their previous demands. In this unsettling development, Mumbai police have escalated security measures at Ambani’s residence, working closely with cyber police units to identify and locate the sender.

On Monday morning, Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance Industries, received a third menacing email from the same individual who had sent two previous messages on October 27, originally demanding ₹200 crore. In this latest email, the sender cited Ambani’s lack of response to the earlier communications as the reason for increasing the ransom to ₹400 crore.

The email was sent to Ambani’s official email address and included a chilling message: “No matter how tight your security may be, one of our snipers can reach you. This time, the amount demanded is ₹400 crore, and the police cannot trace or apprehend me.”

Given the gravity of the threat, Mumbai police promptly bolstered security at Ambani’s residence in South Mumbai, known as Antilia. The first threatening email had arrived on a Friday when the sender, identifying themselves as Shadab Khan, demanded ₹100 crore from Ambani and issued a death threat. Following this, Devendra Munshiram, the security in-charge at Antilia, filed a police complaint.

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The next day, the sender escalated their demands by sending another email, seeking twice the initial amount, as Ambani had not responded to their initial message.

A senior police officer confirmed that Ambani received the third email from the same sender on Monday morning. The police investigation revealed that the accused had used an email service provider based in Belgium. Consequently, the Mumbai police reached out to this provider in an attempt to trace the sender via the internet protocol address. As of now, the case has not made significant progress, and the investigation continues.

The Gamdevi police had earlier registered a case against an unidentified individual under sections 387 (pertaining to extortion with threats of grievous harm or death) and 506 (2) (dealing with criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code after the receipt of the first threatening email. They have been collaborating with the Maharashtra cyber and Mumbai cyber police stations to track down the sender, according to a police official.

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