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Chile Recalls Ambassador to Israel for Consultations After Gaza Attacks

In a recent turn of events, Chilean President Gabriel Boric has announced that the country is recalling its ambassador from Israel for consultations. The move comes in response to Israel’s alleged violations of international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip. This decision reflects Chile’s strong condemnation and deep concern over the military operations conducted in the region.

The Humanitarian Concerns

The international community has long been concerned about the situation in the Gaza Strip, where tensions between Israel and Palestine have led to repeated conflicts. The civilian population in Gaza has often borne the brunt of these clashes, resulting in a significant humanitarian crisis. The violation of international humanitarian law only exacerbates these concerns.

Chile’s Stance on International Humanitarian Law

Chile, a staunch advocate for international humanitarian law and human rights, has taken a proactive approach to address the situation. President Gabriel Boric’s decision to recall the ambassador underscores the country’s commitment to upholding these principles. It sends a clear message that Chile will not tolerate violations of international law, especially when they involve military operations that impact civilian lives.

Solidarity with Colombia

Chile’s decision is not isolated. In a show of solidarity, Colombian President Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego has also announced the recall of their ambassador from Israel for consultations. This joint action between Chile and Colombia highlights a shared concern for the situation in the Gaza Strip and a commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

The Broader Implications

Chile’s recall of its ambassador and the simultaneous move by Colombia raise important questions about the broader implications of such actions. It serves as a reminder that international relationships are not static and can be influenced by a country’s commitment to its values and principles. This event may lead to further discussions at the international level, focusing on the need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Gaza Strip.


Chile’s decision to recall its ambassador to Israel for consultations is a significant step in response to Israel’s alleged violations of international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip. It reflects Chile’s commitment to upholding international law and human rights. The joint action taken by Chile and Colombia demonstrates solidarity in their concern for the ongoing situation and their shared determination to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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