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Public Opinion in Russia: Support for Putin’s War Decision


In a recent survey conducted by the Russian analytical service Levada Center, fascinating insights into the opinions of the Russian populace regarding their leader, Vladimir Putin, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have emerged. This survey, conducted between October 19-25, 2023, provides a deeper understanding of the Russian sentiment regarding the war and the potential for peace negotiations.

Key Findings

1. Majority Support for Ending the War

The study revealed a significant sentiment among Russians, with an astonishing 70% of respondents indicating their willingness to support Vladimir Putin if he decides to end the war against Ukraine. This statistic highlights the prevailing support for their leader’s actions in resolving the conflict peacefully.

2. A Different Perspective on Occupied Territories

However, it’s essential to note that the situation changes when it comes to the possibility of the occupied territories returning to Ukraine. In this case, only 34% of Russians would support such a move, emphasizing a more complex dynamic at play.

3. The Call for Peace Negotiations

A notable 55% of Russian citizens believe that it is necessary to stop the war and initiate peace negotiations, reflecting a desire for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict. On the other hand, 38% of respondents expressed their support for the continuation of hostilities.


The survey, which provides these insights, was conducted among 1,607 Russians in 137 settlements across the Russian Federation. The researchers employed personal interviews, conducting the study at respondents’ homes. It’s worth noting that the statistical error in this comprehensive survey does not exceed 3.4%, ensuring a high degree of accuracy.


These survey findings offer a unique perspective on the views of the Russian population concerning Vladimir Putin’s decisions regarding the war in Ukraine. With a significant majority expressing support for ending the war and a notable call for peace negotiations, it’s clear that there is a growing sentiment for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

These insights reflect the nuanced opinions of the Russian public, shedding light on the complexities of the ongoing situation and the potential for peace in the region. As the world closely watches the developments in this region, understanding the opinions of the Russian populace is essential for forming a well-rounded perspective on the situation.

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