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Majority of Russians Favor Putin’s Choice to Conclude Conflict in Ukraine

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by the esteemed Russian analytical service, the Levada Center, it was revealed that a significant portion of the Russian population, precisely 70%, would extend their support to their leader, Vladimir Putin if he were to make the pivotal decision to put an end to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

However, the survey unveiled an intriguing dichotomy within the Russian public’s stance on this matter. Should Putin choose to conclude the war with a resolution that involves the return of the occupied territories to Ukraine, the level of support would drop significantly to only 34% among Russians.

Adding further depth to the findings, the survey indicates that a majority of 55% of Russian respondents advocate for an end to the hostilities and the initiation of peace negotiations, underscoring the desire for a peaceful resolution. On the other hand, a notable 38% expressed their support for the continuation of military operations.

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This insightful survey was carried out over a period from October 19th to October 25th and included 1,607 participants hailing from 137 different localities across the vast expanse of the Russian Federation. The data collection method employed for this research was in-person interviews conducted within the respondents’ homes, and it is important to note that the statistical margin of error for the survey does not exceed 3.4%, ensuring a high degree of accuracy in its results. These findings provide a valuable glimpse into the complex opinions and sentiments of the Russian populace regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the role of their leader in this geopolitical challenge.

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