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Voting machine manufacturer demands one billion euros from Trump’s lawyer

Dominion accuses Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani of running a “viral disinformation campaign” about allegedly falsified election results.

Dominion Voting Systems has sued former US President Donald Trump’s longtime legal advisor, Rudy Giuliani, for damages of $ 1.3 billion for damage to his reputation. After the US presidential election, the lawyer repeatedly claimed that the results had been falsified in favor of Joe Biden. According to the complaint reported by the New York Times, Dominion accuses Giuliani of a “viral disinformation campaign” with “demonstrably false” allegations.

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According to the report, the voting machine manufacturer, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, lists 50 statements by the former Republican mayor of New York on Twitter, in podcasts, or in conservative media such as Fox News, with which he had spread his conspiracy theory. The company first wrote to Giuliani in December not to make any false claims about the election process. The Trump attorney reportedly referred to Dominion as a danger last week and referred to “boxes of evidence” for his allegations.

Undermine trust

Dominion boss John Poulos told the newspaper that he had not only damaged the name of the company but also undermined the trust of US citizens in the democratic institutions. In manual recounts and safety checks, it has been proven “that the machines counted exactly”.

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Together with Election Systems & Software, Dominion is one of the largest suppliers of hardware and software for electronic voting and the associated election management in the USA. One of the most common allegations of fraud, which has since been resolved, relates to an alleged glitch in the company’s software that incorrectly counted 2,000 votes for President Trump as votes for Joe Biden. In general, however, there are always doubts about the IT security of voting machines.

Dominion had recently brought a lawsuit against Sidney Powell, another lawyer who worked for Trump, for similar reasons, and with the same high demands. Action against the former head of state himself does not exclude the legal team of the producer, which tries to put facts against rumors on a separate website.

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