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Freed Russian-Israeli Hostage Escapes Hamas, Recaptured by Gazans

Roni Kriboy, the Russian-Israeli hostage, was abducted from the Nova music festival during the Hamas terror attack on October 7. Initially, he managed to escape from Hamas after the festival, but Gazan civilians recaptured him and returned him to the terrorists. Kriboy was held in a building in Gaza, and he fled when the building was bombed. Despite staying hidden for a few days, he was eventually found by Gazan civilians, caught, and returned to Hamas.

According to Kriboy’s aunt, Yelena Magid, he suffered a head injury when the building collapsed, but he has since recovered. Roni, a 25-year-old dual national, attempted to reach the border but experienced disorientation, spending four days alone in the area. Magid dismissed Hamas’ claim that Kriboy’s release was in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts, emphasizing that Roni was born and raised in Israel, with his parents moving from Russia to Israel in 1992.

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Despite being the first adult male hostage released from Hamas, his freedom was not officially part of the hostages-for-prisoners deal between Israel and Hamas, which involved the release of 50 women and children from Gaza and 150 Palestinian women and child detainees from Israeli prisons.

John Collins
John Collins
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