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Alive Woman Mistakenly Declared Dead in Morgue: Reports

In Brazil, a startling incident unfolded when a crematorium worker discovered a 90-year-old woman, Norma Silveira da Silva, still alive inside a body bag, contradicting earlier reports of her demise by hospital staff in São José. On Saturday, shortly after being pronounced dead, Silva was placed in a body bag and transported to the morgue for preservation.

Upon realizing the woman’s vitality, the crematorium promptly returned her to the hospital. Reports indicate she was readmitted in a severely deteriorated condition. Jéssica Silvi Pereira, the woman’s caregiver, disclosed that Silva had been admitted to the hospital in critical health on Friday. By Saturday evening, Pereira and Silva’s son were informed of her supposed death. However, her body was swiftly dispatched to the morgue without allowing loved ones a chance to bid farewell.

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The death certificate, issued by the hospital, attributed Silva’s demise to a “urinary tract infection.” The crematorium worker, upon accessing the body, expressed surprise at its warmth, inconsistent with the expected postmortem state. He noted unusual signs, such as the lack of rigor mortis when lifting her arm. Pereira claimed her friend endured nearly two hours in the sealed bag, almost succumbing to suffocation.

The circumstances surrounding Silva’s death remain unclear, with uncertainty about whether inadequate medical treatment or an underlying condition played a role. She was officially declared dead early Monday morning, with the second death certificate citing “septic shock” as the cause. The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Santa Catarina acknowledged the situation and pledged to institute appropriate procedures to monitor the case, confirming an ongoing investigation.

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