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SBU Strikes Again: Second Train Attacked on Baikal-Amur Railway Inside Russia

In a strategic move, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has executed a meticulously planned operation, detonating a second train within two days on the Baikal-Amur railway line deep inside Russian territory, capitalizing on the turmoil caused by a preceding strike in the Severomuysky Tunnel.

Exploiting Chaos: SBU’s Calculated Move

A source within Ukraine’s military leadership disclosed that the SBU skillfully capitalized on the aftermath of the first attack by exploiting the diversion caused by a strike in the Severomuysky Tunnel. The Russians, attempting to navigate around the initial damage, rerouted through the “Chortov Most” (“Devil’s Bridge”), a pivotal viaduct on the Northern Bypass of the Baikal-Amur line. The SBU’s ingenious strategy came to fruition as explosive devices strategically placed on the 35-meter high bridge were triggered when the train traversed it.

Target: Military Supplies Route

The same military source asserted that the Baikal-Amur railway was a conduit for transporting military supplies. This revelation sheds light on the SBU’s motive, aiming not just to disrupt but specifically target the logistics backbone of Russian military operations.

Confirming the Strike: Social Media Echoes the Attack

Russian social media corroborated the incident, confirming the detonation of another train overnight. The aftermath was severe, with four fuel tankers obliterated and two more damaged by the ensuing fire. Preliminary reports indicate a significant fuel spill over a 150-square-meter area.

SBU’s Message: No Distance Can Protect

The source reiterated a stern message to Russian special services, asserting that Ukrainian operatives are omnipresent, even in remote Buryatia. This bold claim reinforces the psychological impact the SBU seeks to impose on Russian military planners.

SBU Stays Mum: Lack of Official Confirmation

Despite attempts to seek clarification, Kyiv Post received no response from the SBU regarding the reported attacks. The absence of an official statement adds an element of mystery to the situation, leaving room for speculation and further intrigue.

Conclusion: SBU’s Strategic Disruptions

The Security Service of Ukraine, through these calculated attacks on vital railway links, demonstrates a strategic capability to disrupt not only transportation but specifically targets crucial supply routes for Russian military endeavors. The lack of official confirmation adds an air of mystery, amplifying the psychological impact of these operations.

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