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Grim Reality: Allegations of Russian Troop Extermination

In recent distressing developments, more than 100 relatives of Russian troops stationed near the decimated Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, outside Donetsk, have signed a poignant appeal to President Vladimir Putin. This heartfelt plea urges the Russian President to address the alarming situation where troops from the Western Military District are allegedly facing a “deliberate extermination.” The families contend that their loved ones, entrenched in the trenches for a harrowing 10 months under relentless shelling, are being sent to their deaths, possibly to bolster positive reports for Putin’s annual press conference scheduled for December 14.

The Unbearable Conditions in Avdiivka

Living in the trenches, the troops have endured unimaginable conditions near the war-ravaged city. The families, as reported by iStories, highlight the constant shelling and the severe restrictions imposed on those injured. Shockingly, soldiers with moderate injuries are reportedly being compelled to join assault units, a perilous assignment often equated with a death sentence. The families assert that this ominous directive is a strategic move, orchestrated to present a façade of battlefield progress at Putin’s upcoming press conference.

A Cry for Justice

The emotional plea from the relatives implores Putin to scrutinize the dire situation on the ground. They request an accurate count of personnel present in Avdiivka, emphasizing the need to go beyond official military records. One wife, expressing the anguish prevalent among the families, implores Putin to acknowledge the grim reality: soldiers walking amidst corpses, a landscape tainted by the fallen.

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The Strategic Context

The backdrop to these dire allegations is the Russian forces’ relentless assault on Avdiivka, initiated in mid-October. Situated a mere 12 miles from the Russian-controlled Donetsk, the town remains under Ukrainian control despite extensive destruction. Ukrainian authorities report the near-complete devastation of Avdiivka, with no structures left intact.

Urgent Call for International Attention

As the families of the troops grapple with the unbearable uncertainty, the international community must turn its attention to these grave allegations. The strategic maneuvering at the expense of soldiers’ lives demands immediate scrutiny. The plight of these troops in Avdiivka is not merely a domestic concern; it is a matter that warrants global awareness and action.

In conclusion, the disturbing narrative of troops facing potential deliberate extermination demands urgent attention. The international community must press for transparency and accountability in the face of such grave allegations. As the world awaits Putin’s response to this heartfelt appeal, the families of these soldiers in Avdiivka continue to endure the agonizing wait for justice and truth.

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