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Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein: A Regrettable Departure

In a sudden and sorrowful turn of events, Prince Constantin, the youngest son of Prince Hans-Adam II, the reigning monarch of Liechtenstein, passed away unexpectedly on December 5, 2023. This unforeseen tragedy has left a void in the royal family and the principality as a whole. As we delve into the details surrounding Prince Constantin’s life and untimely demise, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview that goes beyond the confines of the existing coverage on CBS News.

The Mysterious Passing

The Princely House, in a statement released on Wednesday, announced the passing of Prince Constantin at the age of 51. Unfortunately, the statement did not offer any insights into the cause of his sudden death, leaving the public in speculation. This lack of information has led to heightened curiosity and a desire for more details, as the public seeks to understand the circumstances surrounding the demise of the seventh in line to the throne.

The Line of Succession

With Constantin’s departure, the spotlight turns to his elder brother, Hereditary Prince Alois, who is poised to ascend to the throne as the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein. The tiny principality, nestled between Austria and Switzerland, with nearly 40,000 inhabitants, faces a significant shift in leadership. We explore the implications of this succession, shedding light on the traditions and protocols that govern such transitions within the royal family.

Constantin’s Legacy

Beyond his role in the line of succession, Prince Constantin was a multifaceted individual who contributed significantly to the economic landscape of Liechtenstein. Serving as the chairman of the supervisory board of the Liechtenstein Group, the world’s largest royal family-owned private banking and asset management group, Constantin played a pivotal role in shaping the financial direction of the principality. We delve into the specifics of his contributions and the potential ramifications on Liechtenstein’s financial sector.

Condolences and Commemorations

The mourning extends beyond the royal family, with the state parliament and religious institutions expressing their condolences. A minute’s silence held by the state parliament and the heartfelt words from Apostolic Administrator Benno Elbs reflect the deep impact of Prince Constantin’s passing on Liechtenstein. Churches across the principality joined in honoring the late prince by ringing their bells, creating a somber atmosphere of remembrance.


In conclusion, the untimely demise of Prince Constantin has sent ripples through Liechtenstein, affecting not only the royal family but also the nation as a whole. This article aims to provide a more in-depth and nuanced perspective on the life, contributions, and departure of Prince Constantin, going beyond the brief coverage on CBS News. As we reflect on the legacy left behind, we acknowledge the challenges and changes Liechtenstein faces in the wake of this unexpected event.

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