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Facebook wants to take more targeted action against misinformation about the Holocaust

Facebook wants to oppose fake news about the Holocaust more in the future. Among other things, the network wants to counter this with reliable information.

Facebook has announced that it will also provide reliable information on the Holocaust in the future if people want to find out more about the Holocaust on the social network. The company would like to take action against false information about the Holocaust and also against Holocaust denial and the associated conspiracy myths. This was announced by Facebook on the occasion of the worldwide Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th.

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Never again

As the company explained, it wants to commit itself more strongly to the slogan “Never again”, since anti-Semitism and ignorance about the Holocaust are increasing worldwide – especially among young people. The social network, therefore, wants to make it easier for users to find out how the systematic persecution and murder of six million Jews and people from other marginalized groups by National Socialists and allies came about.

Facebook is thus expanding its range of links to reliable information that is displayed when a lot of misinformation and conspiracy myths are circulated on a topic. For example, the network is taking a similar action against false information about man-made global warming , the Covid-19 disease or fake news about coronavirus vaccinations . To this end, it refers to information centers, some of which have been specially created, which bundle information from experts on the respective topic or research topic.

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If the term “Holocaust” is searched for, Facebook wants to offer information and refer to reliable information on the Holocaust

For some time now, the network has also been trying to support users in finding out that news is up-to-date and serious. However, Facebook only took such measures after years of great criticism of its community management and the widespread dissemination of fake news.

The company, founded in 2004, points out that Holocaust denial was also banned in the network’s terms of use in October 2020. References to reliable information on the Holocaust will initially be introduced in English-speaking countries – among other things, the website aboutholocaust.org, which was initiated by UNESCO and the World Jewish Congress, is accessed here. In the coming months, the information pages and links will also be introduced for countries with other languages.

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