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Russia Weighs Seizing Property for Spreading False Information About Army

In a significant move, Russian lawmakers are considering a new bill that proposes severe consequences for individuals spreading what is deemed “deliberately false information” about the country’s armed forces. Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the State Duma, revealed the details of the proposed legislation, highlighting its scope and the potential penalties for offenders.

New Russian Law Targets Spread of False Information

Proposed Measures

The bill, set to be introduced to the State Duma on Monday, aims to authorize the confiscation of both money and property from individuals found guilty of disseminating false information about Russia’s armed forces. The comprehensive nature of the legislation extends beyond financial penalties, intending to hold offenders accountable for their actions.

Categories of Offenses

Vyacheslav Volodin outlined the various offenses covered by the proposed law. In addition to spreading false information, individuals engaging in actions such as “discrediting” the armed forces, advocating for sanctions against Russia, or inciting extremist activities would also face consequences. The emphasis is on addressing what is described as acts of betrayal against the nation.

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Context of the Legislation


The move to enact such legislation comes in the aftermath of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022. Subsequently, the country has witnessed an escalated crackdown on political dissent. Laws implemented in March of the same year already impose severe penalties, including lengthy prison terms, for actions discrediting the armed forces or spreading false information about them.

Speaker’s Statement on the Legislation

Speaker’s Perspective

Vyacheslav Volodin, expressing the necessity of the bill, conveyed on Telegram that anyone attempting to harm or betray Russia should face appropriate punishment. He stressed the importance of offenders compensating for the damage inflicted on the country at the expense of their own property. This statement underscores the strong stance the Russian government is taking to safeguard its military reputation.

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