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Trump Vowed ‘Never’ to Aid Europe in Attack, Says Top EU Official

One of the most prominent European leaders shared a recount of an encounter with former U.S. President Donald Trump, revealing that he privately conveyed a stern message in 2020. According to French European Commissioner Thierry Breton, who was present at a meeting in Davos with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Trump warned, “You must comprehend that if Europe faces military aggression, we will not extend assistance or support.”

Breton further disclosed that Trump declared NATO as defunct and asserted a plan to withdraw from the alliance. Additionally, the former president claimed that European nations owed $400 billion for falling short on defense contributions, particularly singling out Germany for not meeting its financial obligations. This revelation unfolded during a tense meeting that also included the EU’s then-trade chief, Phil Hogan.

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Breton shared this anecdote during an event in the European Parliament in Brussels, coinciding with the impending Republican Party caucus in Iowa on January 15. As Trump vies for the Republican nomination, concerns in Brussels are escalating about the potential return of Trump to the U.S. presidency. Against this backdrop, Breton, overseeing the EU’s industrial policy and defense agenda, emphasized the urgency for the European Union to bolster its self-defense capabilities, proposing a €100 billion fund to enhance arms production within the bloc.

Reflecting on Trump’s warning, Breton characterized it as a significant wake-up call and acknowledged the possibility of Trump’s return to power. He emphasized the need for European nations to recognize their self-reliance, despite NATO membership and existing alliances, and stressed the imperative to substantially reinforce their defense capabilities to prepare for any eventualities.

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