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Zelensky Suggests Granting Ukrainian Citizenship to International Volunteers

On Monday, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the introduction of draft legislation aimed at facilitating the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by foreign nationals who have actively participated in resisting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the conflict unfolded, numerous individuals from abroad volunteered to support Ukraine in repelling Moscow’s forces, which sought to gain control of the nation and overthrow its leadership.

In a social media post, President Zelensky expressed gratitude towards foreign volunteers who took up arms to defend Ukraine, emphasizing that those who fought for the country’s freedom would be regarded as if it were their homeland. The proposed legislation, if enacted, would formally permit foreigners involved in the defense of Ukraine to obtain dual citizenship, with the notable exception of Russia.

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In addition to this legislative initiative, President Zelensky disclosed that he had signed a decree titled “On the Territories of the Russian Federation Historically Inhabited by Ukrainians.” However, specific details regarding the content of this decree were not provided. President Zelensky explained that the purpose of the document was to advance the “restoration of truth about the historical past for the sake of Ukraine’s future.”

The conflict in Ukraine has witnessed a substantial influx of Western-supplied weapons into Kyiv, and the city has also witnessed the active participation of citizens from various countries fighting alongside Ukrainian forces on the front lines. Notably, units comprising individuals from Belarus and Russia have been among those contributing to the resistance effort. It is important to highlight that both Belarus and Russia are designated as “aggressor countries” by Kyiv, given that Russian forces have attacked Ukraine from Belarusian territory as well.

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