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Analysis: Gaza Strip’s Border Situation and Proposed Buffer Zone

Recent satellite images reveal new demolitions along a 1-kilometer path on the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel. This destruction is part of Israel’s expressed intention to establish a buffer zone, raising concerns over potential territorial impact.

Israel’s Buffer Zone Plans

Despite objections from the international community, Israel signals its interest in creating a “temporary security buffer zone.” The extent of recent demolitions prompts questions about the zone’s potential permanence.

Geographical Impact and Demolitions

  • Location of Proposed Buffer Zone: The potential buffer zone could take up approximately 60 square kilometers, affecting farmland and areas near Khirbet Khuzaa and Gaza City.
  • Destruction Details: Satellite analysis and expert reports point to significant destruction within a 6-square-kilometer area, with over 1,300 buildings damaged or destroyed since the conflict’s onset.

International Response and Concerns

  • Warnings and Diplomacy: The U.S. warns against shrinking Gaza’s territory, emphasizing opposition to any reduction in size. Discussions between Israel and Western allies have sparked international worries.
  • Palestinian Perspectives: The Palestinian Authority expresses concern, describing Israel’s actions as part of ongoing “occupation and colonial projects.”

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Analysts’ Assessments

  • Estimates of Damage: Analysts estimate that up to half of all buildings in Gaza, around 143,900 structures, have been damaged or destroyed during the conflict. Specific damage has been noted around Gaza City and Khan Younis.
  • Global Response: The State Department voices opposition to any reduction in Gaza’s territory, reinforcing concerns over the potential buffer zone.

Palestinian Stance

While Israeli settlements in the West Bank continue to grow, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry and Hamas express determination against what they see as Israeli initiatives to establish buffer zones in the Gaza Strip.

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