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Biden Witnesses Return of US Soldiers’ Remains After Jordan Attack

In a solemn ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, U.S. President Joe Biden will witness the return of the remains of three American soldiers who tragically lost their lives in an attack by an Iranian-made drone in Jordan. The dignified transfer of the fallen soldiers is set to take place on Friday.

Remembering the Heroes

The three Army Reserve soldiers killed in the drone attack last Sunday are Sergeant William Jerome Rivers (46) of Carrollton, Georgia; Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders (24) of Waycross, Georgia, and Specialist Breonna Alexsondria Moffett (23) of Savannah, Georgia.

Presidential Participation in Dignified Transfer

President Biden, accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be present at Dover Air Force Base for the dignified transfer of remains. This poignant ceremony is a deeply respectful way to honor the sacrifice of the fallen soldiers.

Condolences and Compassion

Expressing his condolences, President Biden had a phone call with the families on Tuesday. The Bidens will meet with the grieving families before the transfer ceremony, offering support during this difficult time. The President’s empathetic approach was evident as he shared his personal experiences with grief.

The “Dignified Transfer” Process

Traditionally, the remains are flown to Dover aboard a C-17 cargo plane. A team of soldiers, with solemn precision, carries the caskets from the plane to mortuary vans. This ritual is performed with utmost respect, witnessed by the families and the presidential entourage.

Reflecting on Loss: Biden’s Personal Message

The parents of Specialist Sanders shared a video of Biden’s call, where he empathetically stated, “I know there is nothing anybody can say or do to ease the pain, I’ve been there.” Biden drew on his own experiences of loss, recounting the deaths of his first wife, infant daughter, and grown son, Beau.

Iranian-Made Drone Attack and Biden’s Response

The drone attack, orchestrated by Iran-backed militants on the American outpost known as Tower 22 in Jordan, not only claimed the lives of the three soldiers but also left more than 40 injured. President Biden, on Tuesday, mentioned that he has made a decision on how to respond to the attack.

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Anticipation of Retaliatory Strikes

While there is anticipation of retaliatory strikes, the precise timing remains unclear. A strike into Iranian territory seems unlikely, as the White House has emphasized Biden’s reluctance for engaging in a war with Iran. The United States has identified Iran as the manufacturer of the drone used in the attack, according to assessments by four U.S. officials.

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