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Indian Navy Thwarts Somalia Piracy, Rescues 11 Iranians, 8 Pakistanis

On Friday, the Indian Navy successfully thwarted a piracy attempt on an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel, FV Omari, off the East coast of Somalia. The detection of suspicious activity by the Indian Navy’s Rapid Patrol Aircraft (RPA) on January 31 prompted the deployment of INS Sharada, actively engaged in anti-piracy operations.

Commander Vivek Madhwal, spokesperson for the Indian Navy, reported that the Iranian-flagged FV Omari had been boarded by seven pirates who had taken the crew hostage. Utilizing its helicopter and boats, INS Sharada intervened, compelling the pirates to release the hostages unharmed.

The operation led to the safe release of all 19 crew members, including 11 Iranians and 8 Pakistanis, along with the Fishing Vessel Omari. Following the rescue, INS Sharada thoroughly inspected the vessel to ensure the well-being of the previously held captives.

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Commander Madhwal emphasized the Indian Navy’s continuous efforts in anti-piracy and maritime security operations, illustrating its commitment to the safety of vessels and seafarers at sea.

Recent weeks have seen the Indian Navy assisting various merchant vessels in the Arabian Sea following attacks. This operation coincides with growing global concerns about Houthi militants targeting merchant ships in the Red Sea and adjacent areas.

In response to emerging threats, the Indian Navy has bolstered its deployment of ships and aerial surveillance in the central Arabian Sea and off the East coast of Somalia, aiming to restore maritime security in the region. Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt announced on Friday that Indian Navy units are strategically deployed in Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, and the North Arabian Sea to enhance security for merchant vessels. He emphasized the increased presence of ships and aerial surveillance in key areas as part of the broader initiative to restore maritime security.

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