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“Staff Witness ‘Disgusting’ Items on Flights: Used Condoms, Underwear”

A veteran flight attendant has left the online community in disbelief by sharing some of the “appalling” incidents he has encountered during his 25-year career with a major US airline. The crew member recounted various NSFW (not safe for work) stories in an anonymous Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

Responding to a query about the most repulsive incident witnessed on a flight, he mentioned encountering “used condoms, unpleasant underwear (both male and female), and used tampons.” He went on to highlight that unruly passengers contribute significantly to the stress experienced by flight attendants.

Reflecting on such occurrences, the flight attendant disclosed his routine encounters with individuals attempting to smoke in the lavatory every week. Regarding disruptive drunk passengers, he estimated encountering such situations approximately once every six months, with frequency varying depending on the cities flown into. For instance, he noted higher instances of inebriated individuals attempting to board flights in Las Vegas.

When asked about any personal involvement with passengers or coworkers on or off duty, the flight attendant admitted to encounters with passengers but rejected any advances from fellow crew members. However, the most distressing aspects of his job, according to him, involve witnessing passengers engaging in fights, defecating, or urinating in their seats. He recounted instances where passengers even attempted to spit on him during altercations.

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Despite the challenging nature of such incidents, the flight attendant emphasized that the compensation does little to alleviate the emotional toll, especially in the initial stages of the career. On a positive note, he highlighted the perks of the job, such as travel and healthcare benefits, exploring different cities, and experiencing something new daily.

However, the drawbacks include being away from home for extended periods and dealing with difficult passengers. The flight attendant advised maintaining a strong relationship with a spouse due to missed events and holidays, particularly when there are young children in the family.

Speaking about the financial aspects, he revealed that the starting pay is typically around $24 per flight hour, excluding per diem and potential bonuses based on flight occupancy and position. Top-tier pay is achieved after approximately 15 years, reaching around $75 per flight hour.

When asked about the one thing passengers could do to make his job easier, the flight attendant emphasized the significance of simple gestures, such as being polite, greeting the crew, and expressing genuine interest in their day. He humorously added that chocolate also serves as a stress reliever.

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