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Hold Putin Responsible, Urges Yulia Navalnaya

Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Alexei Navalny, declared that if the reports of her husband’s demise are accurate, accountability must be sought from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Asserting that Putin and his associates should bear personal responsibility for the alleged atrocities committed in Russia, she urged the global community to unite against this malevolence.

Navalnaya, speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany in an impromptu address, expressed skepticism about the news, citing the untrustworthiness of the Putin government. She emphasized the constant deception by the government and its sources. In a passionate and resolute speech, she conveyed that if the news proved true, she wanted Putin and his circle to understand that they would face consequences for their actions against her country, family, and husband, asserting that this reckoning would transpire soon. Her speech garnered a standing ovation from the audience of dignitaries.

Struggling to contain her emotions, Ms. Navalnaya fought back tears as she passionately pleaded with the distinguished audience at the security conference, a significant yearly gathering that attracts leaders worldwide. In a poignant appeal, she implored them to “combat this appalling regime in Russia today.”

Expressing a poignant sentiment, she remarked, “He would be on this stage,” referring to her husband. The 47-year-old spouse of the Russian opposition figure conveyed her inner turmoil, revealing her internal struggle on whether to stay in Munich or hastily fly to her children in response to the unsettling news.

Yulia and Alexei Navalny, both meeting during a holiday in Turkey in 1998, tied the knot two years later. Their children, Daria and Zakhar, were born in 2001 and 2008, respectively.

Yulia gained global attention in the summer of 2020 when Navalny faced poisoning in Omsk, Russia. Advocating for his transfer to Germany for treatment, she accompanied him to Berlin, where German doctors confirmed Novichok nerve agent poisoning. In the absence of her husband, she became an unofficial spokesperson for his cause.

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Acknowledged as the 2020 “Hero of the Year” by Novaya Gazeta, she was praised for her resilience in supporting Navalny’s efforts to expose Kremlin corruption. Transitioning from an economist by training to the media-labeled “first lady of the Russian opposition,” Yulia played a prominent role in Navalny’s advocacy.

Surviving a near-death experience, Navalny credited Yulia with saving him upon awakening from a coma. Returning to Russia with him in January 2021, she asserted that his arrest signaled authorities’ attempts to silence him out of fear. Despite the challenges, she emphasized their collective lack of fear and encouraged supporters not to relent.

In his final Instagram post on Valentine’s Day, Navalny expressed deep affection for Yulia, likening their journey to a song filled with cities, airfield lights, and snowstorms. Despite the physical distance, he professed to feel her proximity every second, professing an increasing love for her.

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