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Macron Open to Recognizing Palestinian State

President Emmanuel Macron stated on Friday that France no longer considers the recognition of a Palestinian state as a taboo, indicating that Paris might consider such a decision if the pursuit of a two-state solution is hindered by Israeli opposition. Although a unilateral French recognition may not significantly alter the situation on the ground without genuine negotiations, it would hold symbolic and diplomatic weight.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed opposition to Palestinian sovereignty, emphasizing a refusal to compromise on full Israeli security control west of the Jordan River, asserting that it contradicts the idea of a Palestinian state.

In 2014, French lawmakers voted to encourage their government to recognize Palestine, but it had minimal impact on France’s diplomatic stance. Macron’s recent comments mark the first time a French leader has suggested such recognition, underscoring growing impatience among Western leaders, particularly after casualties mounted in Gaza from Israeli retaliation following an October 7 attack by the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas.

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Macron’s remarks, made alongside Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Paris, indicate a willingness to contribute to the recognition of a Palestinian state, emphasizing the need to address the aspirations of the Palestinians and the challenges faced by Israelis.

The comments from Macron appear to be a strategic move to exert pressure on Israel. Israel’s extensive military operations in densely populated Gaza have resulted in significant Palestinian casualties and displacement. While many developing countries recognize Palestine as a state, most Western European countries, including France, maintain that an independent Palestinian state should emerge through negotiations with Israel.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also mentioned that Britain would consider recognizing a Palestinian state at the United Nations in the future. Macron warned that an Israeli offensive in Rafah could lead to a humanitarian disaster and be a pivotal moment in the conflict.

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