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Russia threatens London with ‘full arsenal’ if Ukraine war is lost

The Kremlin has declared its intention to employ its complete strategic arsenal, launching nuclear missiles at major cities such as London, Washington, Berlin, and Kyiv if pressured to relinquish the territories it has invaded in Ukraine.

Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president and a close ally of Vladimir Putin, has issued a stark warning of a potential “total war” if Russia is compelled to revert to its 1991 borders, established during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead, Medvedev proposed that Kyiv and the Western nations should acquiesce to Putin’s territorial claims in Ukraine, as reported by the Mirror.

Medvedev asserted, “Efforts to return Russia to its 1991 borders will result in only one outcome: a global war involving Western countries and the utilization of our entire strategic arsenal.” He specified potential targets, including Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington, and emphasized that nuclear missiles would also be directed at historically significant places within the flight targets of Russia’s nuclear triad.

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In contemplating the gravity of the situation, Medvedev questioned whether there would be the fortitude to embark on such a course of action, stressing the potential loss of a thousand-year-old country and the futility of sacrifices made by the Russian people over centuries. He concluded that the answer was self-evident.

Medvedev, currently the deputy head of the Russian Security Council overseeing the conflict, cautioned that returning the territories to Russia should be done “before it’s too late.” Failing that, he warned that Russia would reclaim the territories with maximum losses for the enemy.

Additionally, Medvedev criticized those opposing Putin as “snotty Anglo-American fosterlings.” This follows his earlier warning in July of the prospect of “global nuclear fire” if Kyiv forces and NATO were to seize any Russian land.

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