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North Korea Shipped Over 3 Million Artillery Shells to Russia

In recent months, North Korea has dispatched 6,700 shipping containers filled with ammunition to Russia, potentially equating to over 3 million 152-millimeter artillery shells, according to South Korea’s defense chief. Defense Minister Shin Won-sik revealed that Russia is anticipated to continue offering technological support for North Korea’s military surveillance satellite program, with the expectation of Pyongyang launching another satellite in late March.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service had estimated in November that North Korea had transferred more than 1 million artillery rounds to Moscow. Russia, engaged in its conflict with Ukraine, has been reportedly utilizing 10,000 artillery shells daily, a rate five times higher than Ukraine’s current usage. The Royal United Services Institute indicated this information in January, highlighting Russia’s resolution of the artillery shell shortage it faced last summer when Ukraine was surpassing its daily usage.

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The International Institute for Strategic Studies suggests that North Korean artillery shells are playing a role in sustaining Russia’s war efforts. Following the meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin in September, Pyongyang has reportedly supplied Moscow with at least a month’s worth of shells, according to IISS.

Despite North Korea’s munitions factories operating at only 30% capacity due to electricity shortages, those supplying artillery shells to Russia are working at full capacity. This indicates a prioritization of munitions supplies to Moscow by Kim’s regime. Additionally, Russia has sent 30% more containers to North Korea than it has received, with the North-bound containers likely containing mainly food, according to Shin. Despite previous concerns about North Korea’s food insecurity amid the pandemic, Shin now asserts that the country appears to be maintaining stable food supplies.

John Collins
John Collins
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