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Ukrainian families virtually thank OC donors for home rebuild

Southern California families recently gathered virtually to connect with Ukrainians in war-torn regions, witnessing firsthand the impact of their generosity through the nonprofit To Ukraine With Love. Donations from compassionate individuals like Meka Vogh enabled the reconstruction of homes for Ukrainian families devastated by the Russian invasion.

For one Ukrainian family, receiving a new set of keys symbolized a fresh start after their residence succumbed to the ravages of war. The remnants of destruction were still evident in their village, emphasizing the dire need for assistance. A survivor recounted narrowly escaping harm as a mattress shielded her from debris during an attack. Grateful for the support from Southern California, especially from individuals like Meka Vogh, she and her husband found solace in a new home.

Despite enduring challenging circumstances and homelessness, the recipients displayed immense gratitude and happiness, as noted by Vogh. To Ukraine With Love, led by founder Svitlana Miller, has been instrumental in aiding hundreds of families in Ukraine, focusing on providing housing and food.

According to Miller, a donation of $24,000 covers a studio home, while $35,000 ensures a spacious, ready-to-occupy three-bedroom residence. The nonprofit emphasizes a personal connection between donors and the beneficiaries in Ukraine, ensuring a meaningful impact.

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Ben and Andrea Holley shared their experience of helping a family reunite in their new home, where parents were joyously reunited with their six-year-old daughter. The transformative power of a new house was evident as the family enjoyed meals together, creating lasting memories.

To encourage further support, donors in Southern California, including a gathering in Newport Beach in February, hosted events with interpreters on the ground, enabling them to witness the recipients’ reactions as they entered their new homes for the first time. The emotional connections formed between donors and beneficiaries brought tears to both ends.

Mary Alice Hatch from the Marriott Daughters Foundation emphasized the importance of using wealth responsibly, expressing her commitment to philanthropy after meeting Miller at church. Svitlana Miller reported that To Ukraine With Love has successfully assisted over a thousand families, highlighting the substantial impact of their efforts.

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