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NATO’s Bold Move: Massive Exercises Near Russian Borders

Starting today, March 4, extensive military maneuvers known as Nordic Response 24, organized by NATO countries, are commencing in northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway. These exercises, led by Norway, are scheduled to run until March 15, as reported by Yle.

Notably, this marks a historic moment for Finland’s Defense Forces, as it represents their most significant participation in international exercises abroad. It also marks Finland’s inaugural involvement in joint defense exercises with NATO countries since becoming a member of the defense alliance.

Nordic Response encompasses large-scale military operations across land, sea, and air, bringing together approximately 20,000 military personnel from 14 countries. Finland’s contingent comprises around 4,100 military personnel.

Part of the broader NATO Steadfast Defender exercises, Nordic Response 2024 is expected to involve over 50 ships, including frigates and submarines, along with more than 100 fighter jets, helicopters, and various other aircraft.

NATO exercises

Throughout the first half of 2024, NATO is executing a series of exercises collectively known as Steadfast Defender-24. Poland has been designated as one of the host countries, welcoming a substantial deployment of soldiers and equipment from allied nations. As part of this initiative, Poland will also oversee national exercises named Dragon-24, involving armed forces from various countries.

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Simultaneously, in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Sicily, NATO countries initiated maritime exercises named Dynamic Manta on the morning of February 26. These exercises aim to assess and enhance the crisis response capabilities of the Alliance.

Furthermore, commencing on February 9 in the Pacific Ocean, aviation exercises featuring the United States and its allies involved over 80 aircraft. The training hub was stationed in Guam, and the exercises, which continued until February 23, encompassed drills in medical evacuation, personnel drops, and cargo airdrop exercises for allied forces.

John Collins
John Collins
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