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Black Sea Security Alert for Putin’s Navy, Says UK Defense Minister

Ukraine’s recent destruction of the Russian warship Sergei Kotov in the Black Sea serves as a powerful testament to the precarious safety conditions for Russian naval vessels in the region. The resolute action taken by Ukraine underscores the notion that with the necessary support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, new triumphs can be realized.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps articulated this viewpoint in a statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, as reported by Ukrinform. Shapps highlighted the transformed dynamics in the Black Sea, emphasizing that it is no longer a secure domain for Putin’s Navy. He acknowledged that such a reality was once unimaginable but attributed the current state of affairs to the backing received by Ukraine from the Western nations.

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Shapps went on to express optimism about the potential for unlocking unprecedented victories if the international partners provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the essential resources. He commended the bravery and skill exhibited by the Ukrainian military, particularly in the context of the recent destruction of the Sergei Kotov warship by Ukrainian naval drones.

During the night of March 4 to 5, Group 13, a specialized unit within the Ukrainian military intelligence agency, executed a targeted attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s patrol ship, Sergei Kotov, utilizing Magura V5 drone boats. The resulting damage to the Project 22160 warship encompassed the stern, port, and starboard sides, leading to its estimated value of approximately $65 million. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the evolving dynamics and the potential for further strategic achievements if the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to receive the necessary support.

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