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Indian Men Lured into Ukraine Conflict Seek Assistance

A group of men from northern India, claiming to have been deceived into fighting for Russia in the war against Ukraine, is appealing to the Indian government for assistance in securing their release. In a video published by NDTV, seven men wearing military fatigues similar to those of the Russian military explain their situation. They allege they were duped by a tour agent who abandoned them in Belarus, leading to their capture by Russian authorities who coerced them into signing documents and forced military training.

Deceptive Recruitment and Plea for Help

The men, who traveled to Russia for the New Year holiday, recount being caught by Russian authorities and coerced into military service against their will. Families of the men, when contacted, express concern and emphasize their sons’ recruitment without proper consent. The mother of one of the men, identified as Harsh, calls on the government to bring her son safely home, alleging he was threatened with imprisonment and forced into military training.

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Previous Reports and India’s Response

In February, several Indian recruits revealed they were enticed by promises of high salaries and Russian citizenship to join Moscow’s Armed Forces. India’s Foreign Ministry acknowledged working to secure the release of around 20 Indian citizens “stuck” in the Russian military. The recent plea by the men adds to growing concerns about deceptive recruitment practices targeting citizens from various countries.

International Recruitment by Russia

While Russia’s military has a history of recruiting foreign nationals, recent reports suggest an expanded focus on citizens from countries like India, Cuba, and Nepal. The exact nature of the deployment of Indian nationals recruited by the Russian military remains unclear, with neither country providing explicit confirmation.

Ongoing Efforts and Diplomatic Considerations

As individuals from various nations find themselves embroiled in conflicts due to deceptive recruitment practices, the international community faces challenges in addressing the humanitarian aspects of such situations. Diplomatic efforts and appeals for assistance become crucial in ensuring the well-being and safe return of individuals coerced into military service.

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