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Mediazona confirms identities of over 47,700 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

The revelation by Mediazona, in collaboration with BBC Russia, confirming the identities of over 47,700 Russian soldiers killed since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has sent ripples across the globe. Let’s delve into the details behind this staggering revelation and its far-reaching implications.

Understanding the Data

Mediazona, known for its bold investigative journalism, meticulously gathered information from open sources, including obituaries, posts by relatives, regional media reports, and local authorities. This collaborative effort with BBC Russia underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for transparency amidst conflict.

Continuous Updates

Since Mediazona’s initial report in late February, the list of casualties has grown, with an additional 3,047 Russian soldiers’ names being added. This ongoing update highlights the dynamic nature of the conflict and the evolving toll it takes on human lives.

Potential Underestimation

It’s important to note that the actual figures are likely higher than reported. The verification process relies on publicly available information, leaving room for unreported casualties. This underscores the magnitude of the human cost of war and the challenges in accurately documenting it.

Officer Casualties

Of the 3,200 officers killed in combat in Ukraine, 381 held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or higher. This statistic sheds light on the loss of experienced leadership within the Russian military and its impact on the ongoing conflict.

Regional Origins

The majority of casualties hail from regions such as Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Bashkiria, Chelyabinsk, and the Buryatia Republic. This geographical distribution offers insights into the demographic composition of the Russian forces deployed in Ukraine.

Discrepancies in Estimates

While Mediazona’s figures provide a grim picture of the toll on Russian forces, total estimates of casualties vary widely. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s estimate of over 350,000 Russian troop losses aligns with previous U.S. officials’ estimates, indicating the scale of the conflict.

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Ukrainian Perspective

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent claim of 180,000 Russian casualties underscores the disparity in casualty figures between the conflicting parties. This discrepancy reflects the fog of war and the challenges in obtaining accurate information amidst ongoing hostilities.

Evolving Narratives

The differing narratives surrounding casualty figures highlight the complexity of the conflict and the propaganda war waged by both sides. As territories shift hands and information emerges, the true extent of the human cost may only become apparent in hindsight.

Implications for Resolution

The staggering loss of life on both sides underscores the urgency for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. As casualties mount, the toll on families, communities, and nations deepens, emphasizing the need for dialogue and de-escalation.


Mediazona’s confirmation of over 47,700 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine provides a sobering reminder of the human cost of war. Amidst conflicting narratives and evolving casualty figures, the need for transp

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