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Facebook and Instagram in iOS 14 should ask for tracking permission

Facebook wants to motivate iOS users to consent to tracking by providing additional information. Otherwise advertising would be less relevant.

Facebook is adjusting to Apple’s future enforced tracking transparency: The social network is testing a new message for iOS users, which is to be integrated into the Facebook and Instagram app and which asks for consent to advertising tracking. For a better “advertising experience” you need permission to “record activities in other apps and websites”, it says in the notice. This is apparently to be shown shortly before iOS 14 displays the tracking opt-in dialog that will soon be required.

Facebook: Advertising stays, relevance goes

With consent, the user will receive advertisements that are better tailored to him and support companies that rely on advertising to attract new customers, writes Facebook. Apple’s opt-in dialog suggests that a decision must be made between personalized advertising and data protection – but both can be done , the social network emphasized in a message published on Monday . A tracking consent does not lead to Facebook being able to collect “new types of data”, it is said – those who refuse will also continue to see advertisements that are “less relevant”.

Similar notices promoting a tracking opt-in are likely to appear in other apps soon: Google, for example, recommends its advertising partners to integrate a corresponding notification dialog in iOS apps . The procedure is also allowed by Apple. In contrast to Facebook, Google no longer wants to access the advertising ID (Identifier for Advertising – IDFA) of the iPhone or iPad in its in-house apps – accordingly, no opt-in dialog is displayed.

Tracking opt-in comes with iOS 14.5

Apple wants to enforce its tracking opt-in from the next iOS version 14.5 : The operating system then shows the request when apps want to access the advertising ID. For each app, users can decide individually whether they want to allow tracking or whether they want to generally prevent the tracking request – and thus access to the advertising ID. iOS 14.5 should be released in March or April.

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