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Russia Warns Britain of Retaliation Over Cameron’s Ukraine Remark

On Monday, Russia cautioned Britain that if Ukraine were to utilize British weaponry to target Russian territory, Moscow might retaliate by striking British military installations and equipment, both within Ukraine and elsewhere. The warning came after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s recent statement affirming Ukraine’s right to employ British arms against Russia.

Russia formally protested by summoning British Ambassador Nigel Casey to the foreign ministry. However, Britain refuted the claim of summoning, stating that Casey had engaged in a diplomatic meeting with Russian officials to reassert the UK’s backing of Ukraine against Russian aggression.

The Russian foreign ministry argued that Cameron’s remarks implied Britain’s involvement in the conflict, contradicting earlier assurances that weapons provided to Ukraine wouldn’t be directed at Russia. They emphasized that British military assets in Ukraine and abroad could become targets in response to Ukrainian attacks with British weaponry on Russian territory.

Describing Cameron’s comments as a serious escalation, the ministry urged the Ambassador to consider the grave repercussions of London’s aggressive actions and promptly disavow the Foreign Office’s provocative statements.

Cameron, during his recent visit to Kyiv, asserted Ukraine’s right to employ British-provided weapons against Russian targets, leaving the decision to Kyiv’s discretion.

On Monday, the British foreign office spokesperson reiterated that Casey had reaffirmed the UK’s stance on supporting Ukraine during the meeting with Russian officials.

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